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22:48 Kenya Army Says Killed 80 Shabaab Militants In Somalia
Kenyan aircraft have struck two hideouts belonging to the Al Shabaab militant group near Somalia's Indian Ocean port town of Kismayu, killing more than 80 group members, the military said Friday.
22:33 France Pledges Support To US In Fight Against Isil
France will struggle alongside the U.S. in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, says French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.
Iran Ready For Joint Investment In Qatar Iran Ready For Joint Investment In Qatar
Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh in a meeting with the visiting Qatari Minister of Economy and Commerce Sheikh Ahmad bin Jassim bin Mohammad al-Thani said Iran in its relations gives priority to its neighbors.
21:33 2Nd Attack Hits Egypt's Sinai; Casualties Reported
Unidentified militants opened fire on an army checkpoint in Egypt's restive Sinai Peninsula with casualties reported, a Health Ministry official said Friday evening.
21:03 Palestinian Boy Killed By Israeli Gunfire Near Ramallah
A Palestinian boy was killed on Friday by Israeli army gunfire near Ramallah, a medical official has said.
20:33 Eu 'Discusses' Grant For Turkey To Help Syrian Refugees
The European Union is in discussions to grant €70 million to Turkey to help it cope with the massive influx of Syrian refugees on its territory.
19:50 Cihan News Agency Diary
Cihan News Agency DiaryGMT 18:00Cihan News Agency latest on Friday October 24 2014Here are the main Video News items Cihan News Agency aims to cover todayTOP NEWSEXPECTEDDELIVEREDUN PEACE CONFERENCE: At a United Nations conference organized by the Journalists and Writers Foundation (GYV) on Friday i...
19:43 PYD Dismisses Erdogan's Remarks
Saleh Muslim, the co-chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) has dismissed the remarks of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who said that the Free Syrian Army (FSA) has decided to send 1,300 fighters to Kobani. Muslim said on Friday that no agreement has yet been reached on the passage of FSA fighte...
19:42 Turkey Supports National Unity Government In Libya
Turkey insists that its approach to Libya is no different from that of the United Nations, which only recognizes the Abdullah al-Thinni government, but newly appointed special envoy to Libya Emrullah Isler's meeting with Libya's self-declared prime minister, Omar al-Hasi, in al-Hasi's first publicly...
19:41 US Reiterates PYD Is Not Terrorist After Erdogan's Critical Remarks
A US State Department official has reiterated that the Democratic Union Party (PYD) is not considered a terrorist organization under US law. US Department of State spokesperson Jen Psaki told the Cihan news agency on Friday that the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) is a terrorist group but the PYD how...
19:41 Perception Operation Against Police Fails: 17 Police Officers Released
All 17 police officers who were detained as part of an operation in which they were accused of illegal wiretapping, violation of privacy and espionage have been released by a court.The court verdict said that with respect to the detention of the police officers, which is widely perceived as part of ...
19:40 Much-Criticized Judicial Package Clears Subcommission
A judicial package that has been heavily criticized by the opposition for granting extraordinary powers to the police and judges was passed by a subcommission of the parliamentary Justice Commission.The 35-article package, which is known among the public as the “third judicial package” was submitted...
19:39 EU Negotiating With Turkey To Integrate Syrians Into Turkish System
The European Union has been negotiating with Turkey over the settlement and integration of Syrian refugees who fled from the Syrian civil war to Turkey but have dim prospects of returning to Syria anytime soon.The 28-nation political and economic bloc is also considering allocating 70 million euros ...
19:39 Bar Association Files Appeal Against Dropping Of Charges In Graft Probe
The Izmir Bar Association has filed an appeal against the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office's decision to drop corruption and bribery charges against 53 suspects in a major corruption investigation that implicated many high-ranking state officials, bureaucrats and businessmen on Dec. 17 of l...
19:38 MHP Asks For Normalization In Relations With Israel And Egypt
The opposition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) has called on the government to normalize strained relations with Israel and Egypt. MHP Deputy Chairman Tugrul Türkes shared his party's foreign policy priorities with the public during a press conference in Parliament on Friday. “Our party has concern...
19:38 CHP Leader: AK Party Assures Corruption Will Exist In Turkey
Main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kiliçdaroglu has said the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) has no intention of allowing an investigation into infamous corruption cases that went public last year, enabling anyone to freely become involved in graft and assur...
19:38 CHP's Bekaroglu Accuses Government Of Sectarianism
Republican People's Party (CHP) deputy and Islamic intellectual Mehmet Bekaroglu has accused the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK party) of carrying out systematic discrimination against Turkey's Alevi minority, claiming that for the past 12 years, no Alevi citizen has passed the examination...
19:37 DHKP/C Members Detained In Early Morning Raids In Sariyer
The Istanbul Police's Counterterrorism Unit launched an operation against the far-left terrorist Revolutionary People's Liberation Party/Front (DHKP/C) in a series of synchronized raids early in the morning in Sariyer, Istanbul, detaining a number of the group's members. The operation, which took pl...
19:24 UN Peace Conference Renews Commitment Against Extremism Of All Kinds
At a United Nations conference organized by the Journalists and Writers Foundation (GYV) on Friday in Geneva, a wide range of participants agreed that global challenges against peace should not lead to apathy, while reiterating their commitment against all kinds of extremism.Organized on United Nati...
Botswana Ruling Party Faces Tougher Opposition Botswana Ruling Party Faces Tougher Opposition
Voters have been going to the polls in Botswana, one of Africa's most stable democracies. The ruling party is expected to win, but faces stiffer opposition than in previous elections. Voting in Botswana was proceeding smoothly on Friday in a general election in which the ruling party faces an unprec...

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