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Rene Burri, Famed Che And Picasso Portraitist, Dies At Age 81 Rene Burri, Famed Che And Picasso Portraitist, Dies At Age 81
The Swiss photographer who captured some of the most iconic pictures of the 20th century has passed away. Rene Burri was 81 years old. Magnum Photos, the long-time employer of Rene Burri, confirmed the internationally celebrated photographer's death on Monday. Burri, 81, had reportedly been sufferin...
15 Killed In Yemen Suicide Car Bomb Targeting Rebels: Witnesses 15 Killed In Yemen Suicide Car Bomb Targeting Rebels: Witnesses
A suicide bomber killed 15 people, including children, when he detonated an explosives-laden car near a Shiite rebel checkpoint in central Yemen on Monday, witnesses said.
Barroso Speaks Out Against British Euroskepticism - A Slap For Cameron Barroso Speaks Out Against British Euroskepticism - A Slap For Cameron
As one of his final acts in office, EU chief Manuel Barroso has issued a stern finger wag to Britain and its anti-Europe politics. If the UK left the union, it would be a "historic mistake," the EU head has warned. The British government has hit back, sore over criticism voiced by European Commissio...
Opinion: An Overplayed Hand Opinion: An Overplayed Hand
It's as if Germany's train drivers' and pilots' unions are playing strike ping-pong - as soon as one group's walk-off ends, the other's begins. DW's Rolf Wenkel is frustrated with the power of small, specialized unions. The German train drivers' union GDL seems to want to spoil people's autumn holid...
Why Are We So Afraid Of Ebola? Why Are We So Afraid Of Ebola?
Outside of West Africa, the risk of an Ebola infection is low, but the fear of catching this disease is pronounced. Why is that? You don't actually have to answer these questions: What is 16 times 37? And what is two times two? Presumably, you simply passed over the first question, and without fail,...
19:21 Cihan News Agency Diary
Cihan News Agency DiaryGMT 17:30Cihan News Agency latest on Monday October 20, 2014Here are the main Video News items Cihan News Agency aims to cover todayTOP NEWSEXPECTEDDELIVEREDSPACEWALK OF EXPEDITION 41: NASA Spacewalk Specialist Devan Bolch narrates this animation depicting the events scheduled...
19:06 Random Photos Included In 'Reasonable Suspicion' Case Against Journalist
Some random photos, including one taken at a barber, were included in an investigation file into Aytekin Gezici, a journalist who was detained after his house was searched early on Friday based on a "reasonable suspicion" clause introduced in a new government judicial package that has yet to be appr...
18:33 Eu Slaps Further Sanctions On Assad Regime In Syria
EU agrees to impose sanctions on individuals linked to Assad's government and to ban the export of jet fuel to the country.
Did You Know? Introducing The Roma People Did You Know? Introducing The Roma People
The Roma people are one of the world's best-known ethnic minorities and one of the most discriminated against. But aside from the stereotypes, many people don't actually know that much about them. Who are the Roma? One of the people you'll see in our #lifelinks report on identity is a young woman ca...
Migrant Workers: South Korea's Invisible Minority Migrant Workers: South Korea's Invisible Minority
An Amnesty International report has found that migrant farm workers in South Korea are being exploited; a situation which can only change with a strong call for action from the Korean public, says analyst Daniel Corks. Titled "Bitter Harvest" and based on interviews with 28 migrant workers in South ...
17:48 Bomb Attacks Kill 22 People In Baghdad
At least 60 others are wounded in the attacks in Iraqi capital.
Fate Of Chibok Girls Still Uncertain Fate Of Chibok Girls Still Uncertain
Fresh violence in northern Nigeria has dashed hopes of a ceasefire with the militant Islamist sect Boko Haram. Nigerians are doubtful whether the Chibok girls, kidnapped six months ago, will be released. "Hope Rising" reads the slogan on the T-shirt of a Chibok girls' activist. Every weekend a group...
17:41 Settlement Process Brings More Tourists To Eastern Turkey
The number of tourists that visited provinces in eastern and southeastern Turkey during 2013, increased by more than 500,000 people year-on-year, a development that is likely to have been a result of the settlement process launched by the government in 2012 to resolve the country's decades-old Kurdi...
17:40 2Nd Public Lender To Set Up Islamic Bank
A second state-run lender in Turkey could soon be allowed to establish what would be the sixth Islamic bank in the country, according to proposed legislation submitted to Parliament. The government sent Parliament a draft for a change in laws regulating the Turkish banking sector on Monday. The anti...
17:36 Turkey Names Emrullah Isler Special Representative To Libya
Turkey has assigned Emrullah Isler, former deputy prime minister and the Justice and Development Party's (AK Party) Ankara deputy, as a special representative of the government to hold meetings with Libyan authorities and convey Turkey's views on ensuring peace and stability in Libya. The Ministry o...
Ukraine Closes Its Consulate In Adjara Ukraine Closes Its Consulate In Adjara
Ukraine closed its consulate in Adjara. In this regard, Honorary Consul of Ukraine Alexander Akimov met with Chairman of the Government of Adjara Archil Khabadze in the region Oct. 20 and summed up the activity.
16:21 Continuous Heavy Snowfall Astonishes Locals In Southeastern Turkey
A heavy snowfall which has been continuous in the southeastern province of Hatay’s Yüksekova district since Sunday evening has created amazement among local people at this time of the year. Tens of villages were unreachable and many drivers were stranded on road in the district due to heavy snowfall...
15:51 Head-On Bus Collision Kills At Least 24 In Bangladesh
A head-on collision between two passenger buses in Bangladesh's Natore district, some 210 km west of capital Dhaka, Monday evening left at least 24 people dead and dozens of others injured, local police said. The district's police chief Bashudev Bonik told Xinhua over phone, "At least 20 passengers...
15:51 New Test Reveals "Zero Virus" In Spanish Ebola Victim's Blood
Teresa Romero, who earlier this month became the first person outside of Africa to be infected by Ebola, on Sunday night was shown to have "zero virus" in her blood, local media reported Monday. Romero will undergo a second test this week to confirm the results of Sunday's test, which if positive, ...
15:51 Russian Artist Slices Off Part Of Ear To Protest Government
Pyotr Pavlensky, a Russian performing artist, cut off a part of his ear in a protest to Russian government. Pavlensky firstly climbed on wall of the Serbsky State Scientific Center for Social and Forensic Psychiatry without wearing any clothes and began to slice a part of his ear. After a while, pol...

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