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19.08.2013 21:00 News >> Jordan Prepares For Syria Chemical Warfare

Jordan Prepares For Syria Chemical Warfare

Jordan Prepares For Syria Chemical Warfare

Jordan on Monday said it was preparing for the potential outbreak of chemical warfare across the border in Syria, as a UN investigation into the alleged use of such weapons began, dpa reported.

Jordan on Monday said it was preparing for the potential outbreak of chemical warfare across the border in Syria, as a UN investigation into the alleged use of such weapons began, dpa reported.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour told reporters in Amman that Jordan was bolstering its military presence and emergency preparedness in northern towns and villages along the 370-kilometre border.

"We have said before that we are preparing for the potentials for the outbreak of chemical warfare and to prevent the spillover of chemical warfare," Ensour said.

"It seems that there may be chemical weapons in Syria, and if there are it is our duty to protect our citizens, border villages and particularly the Zaatari refugee camp."

His comments came a day after a UN team of investigators arrived in Damascus to begin work in areas in the country in the grip of a drawn-out civil war.

In New York, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called for "full access" for the team to sites where chemical weapons were alleged to have been used to collect samples and make interviews of victims.

"The situation inside the country undoubtedly would affect the activities of the team," Ban said.

"If confirmed, the use of chemical weapons by any side, under any circumstances, must be held accountable and constitute an international crime."

Ban said the team can remain in the country beyond the original plan of 14 days if both Syria and the UN would agree on the extension.

The regime of President Bashar al-Assad and the rebels fighting to oust him have accused one another of using chemical weapons.

The UN team have been authorized to make on-site visits and may remain in Syria up to 14 days. A UN convoy was seen leaving the Four Seasons hotel in Damascus under heavy security by government forces on Monday. UN officials in Syria said they were not authorized to speak on the whereabouts of the team.

Ensour acknowledged that the US has been providing Jordan with military assistance and training in order to cope with the potential use of chemical weapons in Syria, a scenario he described as a "crime of the century."

Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, has pledged to strengthen support for Jordan in light of the growing threat posed by the two-year conflict.

Some 1,000 US special forces are currently based in Jordan, with a task force of some 270 military advisers providing logistical support in monitoring and detecting potential chemical weapons use and safeguarding its borders with Syria.

Jordan's border areas have been subjected to near-daily errant missiles and rockets fired from Syria, with military officials expressing concern that the potential use of chemical weapons will directly threaten the lives of over 20,000 Jordanians.

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