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03.01.2014 19:17 News >> Syrian Opposition Builds Army Against Assad, Al-Qaeda

Syrian Opposition Builds Army Against Assad, Al-Qaeda

Seven Islamist groups build a fighting bloc in Aleppo to fight both against the regime and al Qaeda.

Seven Islamist groups merged in a new fighting bloc on Thursday to fight against both the regime and the Islamic State of Syria and Al-Sham (or ISIS), an al-Qaeda affiliate trying to control war-torn Syria.

"We decided to fight against ISIS due to their attacks against sacred places, their fight against the Free Syrian Army (FSA), their occupation of the regions captured by Syrian opposition instead of fighting with [Syrian President Bashar al-] Assad, and besides due to declaring the whole Syrian people as unbelievers," said Edib, the spokesperson of the newly built al-Mujaheeden Army, in remarks to AA.

The new army will start its operations in Aleppo and Idlib, but the operations would be country-wide in order to free Syria in whole from ISIS.

Observers say that the primary purpose of ISIS is to capture oil fields rather than to topple Assad and to build a new democratic regime.

The al-Qaeda linked group is recently battling with FSA-linked Asefat al-Shamal - Storm of the North Brigades - to capture Bab al-Salam border crossing near Aleppo. 

Al-Mujahedeen currently consists of seven armed groups such as Nor Al din Al Zinki Battalions, Islamic Al Horriya Brigade, Ansar Al Khelafeh Brigade, Jond Al Haramein Brigade, as the army's representatives declared in a video message from YouTube.

Edib also called on other Syrian opposition groups to join the new bloc in their fight against ISIS.

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