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Azerbaijan Summons EU Envoy Over Activities Of Bloc's Mission In Armenia

12.02.2024 15:12

EU mission in Armenia being exploited as ‘anti Azerbaijani propaganda tool,’ contrary to its declared purposes, says Foreign Ministry.

Azerbaijan on Monday summoned the EU's ambassador to Baku over the activities of the bloc's mission in Armenia.

"During the meeting, the serious concern was reiterated with regard to the activities of the EU Monitoring Mission in Armenia (EUMA) that contradict the initial agreements with respect to this mission and activities," said a statement by the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry.

The meeting noted the EU mission is being exploited as an "anti-Azerbaijani propaganda tool," contrary to its purpose of "contributing to stability in the region and confidence between Azerbaijan and Armenia," according to the statement.

It further said Ambassador Peter Michalko was told that the EU mission facilitated the visits of different European officials and unofficial delegations to the border areas between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and that it became an agent of "binocular diplomacy."

"All such visits, without exception, are used for disseminating anti-Azerbaijani hate and replicating unfounded Azerbaijan-phobia," the statement noted, adding that this "binocular diplomacy" came at an unprecedented calm situation along the border.

"Moreover, the recent case of prevention of an attempt of illegal crossing through the areas of responsibility of the EUMA casts a serious shadow over the declared tasks of the mission. Such concerning actions by no means conform with the declared goals of EUMA of contributing to trust and confidence as a neutral actor," it said.

It concluded that the EU side was urged to take all necessary measures to ensure the mission acts "strictly as a neutral, civilian, and unarmed mission in line with its declared mandate, and refrain from any activity that would target Azerbaijan's sovereignty, territorial integrity or in any other manner affect its legitimate security interests."

The Council of the EU established the EUMA in January 2023 to secure the border areas of Armenia and "ensure an environment conducive to normalization efforts between Armenia and Azerbaijan supported by the EU."​​​​​​​ -

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