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Chinese Researchers Discover New 'Blind' Fish Species

15.05.2024 19:42

Fish, named Sinocyclocheilus guiyang, lacks functional eyes, at risk of extinction due to pollution, invasive species in underground habitat.

Chinese researchers recently discovered a new fish species in a cave in Guizhou province in southwest China, Xinhua News reported Wednesday.

The fish, named Sinocyclocheilus guiyang, lacks functional eyes and is at risk of extinction due to pollution and invasive species in its underground habitat, it said.

The fish is blind with black spots where its eyes should be, probably because it lives in a dark cave river.

Only 25 of the fish have been found and surveys show their numbers are dropping.

Scientists are worried the fish could soon vanish because of pollution and other creatures in their cave home.

They stressed the urgency of implementing protective measures to safeguard the habitat. -

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