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Exciting moments in the trial! The Judge expelled Ayhan Bora Kaplan from the courtroom.

Exciting moments in the trial! The Judge expelled Ayhan Bora Kaplan from the courtroom.

22.05.2024 16:53

The tension rose significantly during the 10th hearing of the Ayhan Bora Kaplan case, which caused an earthquake effect in the Ankara Police Department, with the allegations of the fugitive secret witness. Ayhan Bora Kaplan, who intervened while the detained defendant Barış Kurt was questioning the complainant Erkan Doğan, was removed from the courtroom by the Presiding Judge on the grounds that he 'disrupted the order'.

The trial of 61 defendants, 20 of whom are in custody, in relation to the criminal organization led by Ayhan Bora Kaplan, continued. Erkan Doğan, who claimed to have been tortured by Ayhan Bora Kaplan, was heard during the 10th hearing of the case. Ayhan Bora Kaplan, who intervened in the incident when defendant Barış Kurt asked Doğan a question, was expelled from the courtroom by the presiding judge.


The 10th hearing of the trial opened against 61 individuals, 20 of whom are in custody, in relation to the criminal organization led by Ayhan Bora Kaplan, is being held at the 32nd Heavy Penal Court in Ankara at Sincan Prison. At the beginning of the hearing, the presiding judge stated that the plaintiff and witnesses would be heard. Erkan Doğan, who claimed that he was tortured for two days by Ayhan Bora Kaplan and his men, who pulled out his teeth, because he demanded his debt due to the guidance of Barış Kurt, who claimed to be his former boss and former AK Party Ankara Provincial Executive.

Doğan said, "This incident has irreversibly affected my life. The main reason for my case is Barış Kurt. He trusted me because I ran errands for the company. We used to go everywhere together. Over time, what I knew became burdensome for me. I was not morally comfortable with involvement in illegal activities. Later, I decided to leave him. Kurt did not want to give me my rights at that time. Our communication did not end after I left. Later, I bought a kiosk for myself. A few days after July 25th, I sent a message asking for my debt. He was fed up with me. I sent a message saying that if he didn't give me my debt, I would expose his connection with the 'Kimse Yok mu Foundation'. He was disturbed by this. They kept me in one place for 2 days. Ayhan pulled out my teeth, Muhammed Kaplan and Adnan Kaplan helped him," he alleged.


Upon this, Muhammed Kaplan shouted at Erkan Doğan and there were laughs in the courtroom. The presiding judge intervened and said, "If I throw you out, you won't make a sound again." After the warning of the presiding judge, Doğan continued his statements and said, "When I needed to go to the toilet, they said, 'Are we going to take you to the toilet, should you do it here?' They used to apply violence to me whenever they got bored. I told them, 'Kill me but don't torture me.' But they didn't do it because Ayhan Bora Kaplan had to do it because he wanted to bring Barış Kurt to his side, and he succeeded. I was kidnapped, tortured, and starved. I heard them saying to Semih Arslan, 'Should we settle this in Bağlum?' I understood that they would kill me and make it look like suicide. They are so professional that they act with the support of the so-called 'political conjuncture'. They untied my hands by using a prohibited substance and infiltrating, and at that moment, I escaped and the officers who saw me called 155 and then the police came."

Kaplan did these things to please Barış Kurt


"After seeing me, the nurses at the hospital were shocked. Then, after the police station, I was taken to Çankaya District Police Department. The police officer, whom I learned was named Kozan Umut, said, 'I know Ayhan Bora Kaplan. People like you do these things to get money from him. If there is such a thing, I will make your life difficult.' At that moment, Ayhan Bora Kaplan's man came and said, 'There is a big brother waiting outside.' When I was threatened like this in the presence of two police officers, I realized that I couldn't trust the police. Then I went to Esat Police Station, and Ayhan Bora Kaplan's man said, 'Don't file a complaint, otherwise something will happen to you.' My statement was already prepared before I came. I had lost my faith in the police and the state at that moment, and I signed it. I realized that I couldn't fight against the police, the judiciary, and the political powers, and I had no life, no home, and no family during this time. I gave a statement to the prosecutor, showed my teeth. Ayhan Metin, the prosecutor, listened to me but did not record it. Upon this, I understood that I would not get any results in the judiciary, and I left Ankara. I trusted the new police force and the new Minister of Internal Affairs, Ali Yerlikaya, and that's why I am here. Ayhan Bora Kaplan did these things to please Barış Kurt because he is a politician. I know Ayhan Bora Kaplan because of the fear and drug trafficking he unleashed. I am filing a complaint against these people who took my life away."


During the questioning of the plaintiff Erkan Doğan by the defendant Barış Kurt, Ayhan Bora Kaplan intervened, and the Presiding Judge expelled Ayhan Bora Kaplan from the courtroom on the grounds that he "disturbed the order." The defendant Muhammed Kaplan asked the plaintiff Erkan Doğan, "When was the last time the Organized Crime Branch police contacted you, did they contact you in the last 2-3 days?" Doğan replied, "Police officer Resul Aydoğdu contacted me." Upon this, Muhammed Kaplan claimed, "They are directing Erkan Doğan."

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