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Rising Ocean Temperatures Cause Unprecedented Migration Of Marine Species

22.05.2024 19:12

Those capable of movement relocates, while stationary species face catastrophic conditions, says scientist.

Many species are migrating towards cooler polar regions due to rising global temperatures, said a French environmental academic.

Talking to Anadolu, Gilles Boeuf from the College de France's Sustainable Development, Environment, Energy, and Society Department noted that the warming of ocean waters globally has led to an unprecedented migration of marine species.

Those capable of movement are relocating, while stationary species face catastrophic conditions, often resulting in death due to declining oxygen levels in the water, he said, adding: "A couple of years ago we saw very high mortalities of marine invertebrates in the Mediterranean Sea, including Türkiye and Greece."

Highlighting that while the direction of migration is towards the poles in both hemispheres for all species, Boeuf underlined that not all of them have the same pace.

Boeuf warned that the situation remains perilous even for mobile species. He noted A 1C (33,8F) increase in temperature in Europe could force species to migrate an average of 250 kilometers north to find a more compatible climate.

Boeuf stressed the importance of adapting activities such as fishery, agriculture and livestock to the changing climate.

"You will need to follow the fish moving northwards," if habits do not change, he said, underscoring the need for sustainable fishing practices to mitigate the impact on the fishing industry.

Call for collaboration to cut marine pollution

Addressing the phenomenon of species migration, Boeuf pointed out that regions giving off species are also receiving new ones.

Warning about possible mass fish deaths, he said: "The fish arriving in the Mediterranean will migrate further north, just like in the oceans, but in the Mediterranean, there is no signpost to show the fish the exit. They don't know where the exit is. There may be fish deaths as a result of the accumulation caused by fish that cannot find the exit."

Boeuf concluded by advocating for increased cooperation among Mediterranean countries to tackle environmental challenges, emphasizing: "Reducing marine pollution in a country requires cooperation from all regional countries. If a specific country continues to pollute, it becomes a problem for all."

*Writing by Muhammed Yasin Gungor -

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