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The criminal organization led by "The Lizard" in the prison has been dismantled! 9 suspects have been arrested.

The criminal organization led by

24.05.2024 12:37

Minister of Interior Ali Yerlikaya announced that the organized crime group was dismantled in the "Mahzen-48" operation held in Izmir, and that 9 suspects of the organization were arrested.

Successful operations against organized crime organizations continue throughout Turkey. Most recently, the organized crime group led by Batuhan Tok, also known as "Kertenkele," who is currently in prison, was dismantled in Izmir.

It was determined that the suspects involved in numerous crimes, including establishing a criminal organization, intentional injury, violation of Law No. 6136, and threatening with a weapon, were members of the organized crime group. The investigations were carried out by the Odemis Chief Public Prosecutor's Office and the General Directorate of Security Department of Organized Crime in coordination with the Izmir Provincial Police Department's Organized Crime Division.

The operation was launched, and the teams conducted raids on the identified addresses. As a result of the operation, 5 unlicensed pistols, 6 unlicensed rifles, and various amounts of drugs were seized. Nine suspects, who were members of the organized crime group, were apprehended and taken into custody.

Minister Yerlikaya stated on his social media account, "We are determined to cleanse our country from organized crime organizations and gangs. Regardless of their size, we will dismantle organized crime groups and deliver them to justice. I congratulate the Odemis Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, who coordinated the operation, and our heroic police officers who carried out the operation. May Allah protect them. The prayers of our nation are with you."

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