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Turkish Cuisine Week In Egypt Showcases Aegean Delicacies

26.05.2024 03:42

Türkiye's ambassador hosts dinner at Turkish Embassy Residence in Cairo as part of Turkish Cuisine Week.

During Turkish Cuisine Week, dishes from the Aegean region of Türkiye were showcased in Egypt.

Türkiye's Ambassador to Cairo, Salih Mutlu Sen, hosted a dinner at the Turkish Embassy Residence in Cairo as part of Turkish Cuisine Week.

Guests and foreign diplomats, including Egypt's Civil Aviation Minister, Mohamed Abbas Helmy, attended the dinner.

The guests were served delicacies such as olives and cheeses from the Aegean region, tarhana soup, mücver (zucchini fritters), stuffed vegetables with olive oil, herb-filled pastry and flatbread, Izmir meatballs, shrimp casserole and fig dessert.

Sen highlighted the historical culinary exchanges between Türkiye and Egypt, noting Egyptians' fondness for Turkish cuisine.

He emphasized Türkiye's diverse regional cuisines, with this year's theme focusing on the Aegean region.

Sen also noted the role of cuisine in tourism and how hotels in Egypt utilize Turkish kitchen equipment and employ Turkish chefs, catering to Egyptian tourists' interest in Turkish gastronomy.

*Writing by Alperen Aktas from Istanbul -

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