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Ukraine Says Immunity Of 'Troika' Stands In Way Of Launching Tribunal Against Russia

03.04.2024 03:27

Int’l law must change if it cannot bring to account a permanent member of the UN Security Council, says Ukraine’s foreign minister.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said Tuesday that the immunity of the "Troika" -- the head of state, head of government and foreign minister of a country -- stands in the way of launching a tribunal against Russia.

"The outstanding question is not about the form of the tribunal. I think we found solutions where it can be both international or hybrid. But the question at the core of the problem is overcoming the immunities of the Troika," Kuleba said at a press conference following the international conference "Restoring Justice for Ukraine" in The Hague.

Noting that the very idea of setting up a special tribunal against Russia was initially rejected by all of Ukraine's partners, he said the situation is currently different.

Kuleba said the "heart of international law" beats at the meetings of the Core Group, a coalition of over 40 countries discussing the creation of a special tribunal against Moscow, based on the briefings he received.

He said this is where the most "innovative and creative" ideas regarding the development of international law are being considered.

"With all my respect to the rule of law and the static nature of some legal concepts, law evolves, because the purpose of law is to solve problems that humanity faces in a fair and just way.

"And if the current state of international law cannot solve the problem of bringing to account a permanent member of the UN Security Council, then the law must change," he added.

Kuleba said a lot has been achieved but that a "final innovative push" is needed to find a solution to this issue.​​​​​​​

In January last year, representatives from 21 states gathered in the Czech capital Prague for an inaugural meeting of the coalition to establish a special tribunal for the "crime of aggression against Ukraine." -

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