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UN Says Peace Process In Ukraine Must Address 'Root Causes'

12.02.2024 19:42

Senior UN official Jenca says peace agreement alone will not end violence in Ukraine.

A peace process in Ukraine must tackle the underlying causes of the conflict, the UN said on Monday, stressing that a peace agreement alone will not end violence.

"Peace processes must address the root causes of the conflict, and come with full and equal participation of women and youth, and inclusion of civil society voices," Miroslav Jenca, the UN assistant secretary-general for Europe, Central Asia and the Americas, told a session at the UN Security Council.

"What we need for Ukraine, for the region and the world, is a just, lasting and comprehensive peace, in line with the UN Charter, international law, and the resolutions of the General Assembly," Jenca added.

Reiterating the calls by the UN General Assembly to support de-escalation and encourage diplomatic efforts to this end, Jenca added: "The United Nations continues to stand ready to support."

Russian envoy to the UN Vassily Nebenzia, for his part, said that Kyiv's good faith and consistent implementation of the Minsk agreement was the "only chance" to bring peace to Ukraine.

Nebenzia said Minsk guarantors, represented France, Germany and Poland, had "no intention" to implement anything, adding that they were taking advantage of the respite that was created to rearm the Ukrainian army and prepare for war with Russia.

"Had they been implemented (the Minsk agreements) the tragedy that is taking place in Ukraine today would not have happened, a tragedy in which the US and the collective West are complicit," he added.

Robert Wood, the US deputy envoy to the UN, called the conflict in Ukraine a "tragedy," saying "Russia and no one else is responsible for this war".

"But no matter how hard Russia tries, it cannot obscure the simple fact. It was Russia that ignored all commitments," he said, adding that Ukraine is simply defending its people and territorial integrity in line with Article 51 of the UN Charter.

*Serife Cetin in New York contributed to the story -

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