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US Senator Warren Declines To Attend Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's Speech To Congress

19.06.2024 09:27

Elizabeth Warren is 2nd senator after Bernie Sanders, known for his criticism of US, and Israeli policy regarding Gaza, announced not to attend event where Netanyahu to deliver speech.

US Senator Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday said she will not attend Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress on July 24 as he has "created a humanitarian catastrophe."

Responding to reporters' questions, Warren said, "He (Netanyahu) has also made clear that he does not support US policy for a two-state solution that will let the people of Israel and Palestinians develop their own nation self-determination, live with dignity.

"Look, we need a cease-fire, we need to get those hostages back, we need humanitarian relief, and we need to be giving both parties a big shove toward getting to the negotiating table and working out a peaceful solution."

When asked whether US President Joe Biden should clearly state that Netanyahu should not address Congress, Warren responded, "That's up to the president, but I'm not going."

Earlier on June 7, Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, known for his anti-war stance and criticism of US and Israeli policy regarding Gaza, also said Netanyahu is a "war criminal" and said he "certainly will not attend" the Congressional session where Netanyahu would speak. -

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