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EU Commission Announces Initial $1.94B Humanitarian Aid For 2024

12.02.2024 16:57

Nearly 300M people worldwide believed to need humanitarian assistance this year, says commission.

The EU Commission on Monday announced an initial €1.8 billion ($1.94 billion) in humanitarian aid worldwide for 2024.

"With almost 300 million people estimated to need humanitarian assistance in 2024, the EU once again reinforces its commitment to support the most vulnerable globally. The Commission has therefore adopted its initial annual humanitarian budget of more than €1.8 billion for this year," it said in a statement.

Over a quarter of the fund, €470 million, will go to the Mideast and North Africa, to address humanitarian crises in Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and neighboring countries, it said.

Some €546 million in total will go to Africa to support people affected by forced displacements, food insecurity, acute and chronic malnutrition, natural hazards and recurrent epidemics, extreme weather events and armed conflicts in various parts of the continent.

Southeastern Europe and the European neighborhood, including membership candidate Türkiye, along with Central and South America and the Pacific Rim and Southern Asia, will also benefit from the funds, the statement also said. -

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