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Police Intervene In Pro-Palestinian Student Protest In Berlin

23.05.2024 03:12

Negotiations continuing between university president, students.

Police intervened in a demonstration in support of Palestinians organized by a group of students in Berlin on Wednesday.

The students protested at the Faculty of Social Sciences building of Humboldt University in Mitte district, hanging a banner saying "Free Palestine" on its exterior.

Law enforcement officers moved in while students were chanting slogans in favor of Palestine, detaining many of the demonstrators.

They later allowed the group to demonstrate about 100 meters (328 feet) from the building.

Humboldt University President Julia von Blumenthal visited the faculty building to negotiate with the students and talks are continuing.

The students' demands from the university include not evacuating the building, supporting the student protest and issuing a statement that the university administration admits there is a genocide taking place in Gaza.

The administration wants the students to leave the building on their own. -

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