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Anadolu Pioneers Indigenous AI Model For Türkiye

23.05.2024 22:12

Türkiye's global news agency leads discussion on AI at EANA conference in Lisbon.

Anadolu's President and CEO, Serdar Karagoz, attended the European News Agencies Association (EANA) conference Thursday on artificial intelligence in Lisbon, Portugal.

Following the conference that was themed, "Use of Artificial Intelligence in News Agencies," Karagoz stressed Anadolu's role as a producer rather than a consumer of AI and announced a new AI project in collaboration with the T3 Foundation.

He highlighted how AI can enhance news agencies' capabilities and noted Anadolu's contribution to Türkiye's indigenous language-based AI model.

The conference discussed AI's potential in creating innovative formats, tailored content, optimizing processes, addressing negative discourse and promoting transparency with the presentations at the "Spring Conference," organized by the Portuguese news agency, Lusa.

Founded in 1956, EANA fosters cooperation and knowledge sharing among European news agencies.

*Writing by Gizem Nisa Cebi -

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