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Reception Held On Turkish Corvette TCG Kinaliada In Tokyo

14.06.2024 03:42

Friendship between Türkiye and Japan established through the seas still vibrant, says Japanese Princess Akiko.

A reception was held Thursday on the Turkish Navy corvette TCG Kinaliada in Tokyo to mark the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Türkiye and Japan and the 134th anniversary of the sailing of the frigate Ertugrul.

On the deck of the TCG Kinaliada, the fourth ship of the Ada-class ASW corvettes of the Turkish Navy, anchored at the Tokyo International Cruise Terminal in Tokyo's Koto Ward, the reception hosted by the crew and the Turkish Embassy was attended by Princess Akiko of Japan, Japanese Defense Minister Minoru Kihara, Minister of Digital Transformation Taro Kono, Natsuo Yamaguchi, the head of Japan's junior ruling coalition partner Komeito, and guests.

"I sincerely hope that relations between Japan and Türkiye will further develop through defense cooperation and interactions," said Defense Minister Kihara.

'Friendship between Türkiye, Japan established through seas, still vibrant'

"The friendship between Türkiye and Japan, which was established through the seas, is still vibrant today," Princess Akiko said in her speech, referring to relations between the two countries that started with the tragic accident of the Ertugrul Frigate, which sank off the coast of Wakayama Prefecture in 1890 on its way back home from a goodwill voyage to Japan during a typhoon.

Mentioning that she attended a commemoration ceremony held in Kushimoto, not far from where the Ertugrul Frigate sank, Akiko expressed her satisfaction for being invited to the TCG Kinaliada visiting Tokyo on the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Turkish-Japanese diplomatic relations.

Turkish Ambassador to Japan Korkut Gungen said: "Today, June 13, is the day Emperor Meiji received Osman Pasha, the head of the Turkish delegation carried by the Ertugrul Frigate. So June 13 is also a special day for the Ertugrul."

Emphasizing the importance of freedom of navigation, the security of maritime trade routes and regional stability, Gungen underlined the importance of the corvette's visit to Tokyo in the development of bilateral maritime relations between Ankara and Tokyo.

"Let this visit be a shining example of further strengthening the ties between our countries. Our common history is our compass. Together, we are entering the 100th year of friendship, trust and cooperation," he said.

Recalling that the corvette embarked on a historic voyage in April, stopping in Kushimoto and Tokyo, Gungen said it would then head to Hiroshima, its last stop in Japan, which he described as "a symbol of commitment to a peaceful future."

"Our maritime initiatives are not only historical reference points but also proof of our commitment to a future of shared prosperity and peace. Every visit, every interaction brings us closer to each other," he said.

TCG Kinaliada Commander Lieut. Col. Serkan Dogan said: "Our presence here reflects our historical and strong ties between our countries, despite the geographical distance."

Informing the guests about the technical details of the corvette, including its navy class and military capacity, Dogan described the TCG Kinaliada as a "success story" of the Turkish defense industry.

The TCG Kinaliada will be open to the public in Tokyo on June 14 and 15 before heading to Hiroshima.

The Kinaliada's voyage to Japan began on April 9 and included visits to 24 ports in 20 countries.

*Writing by Serdar Dincel from Istanbul -

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