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What happened to Sinan Ateş's mother infuriated Ayşe Ateş: You bastards, you rebels.

What happened to Sinan Ateş's mother infuriated Ayşe Ateş: You bastards, you rebels.

09.07.2024 11:10

Ayşe Ateş, the wife of Sinan Ateş, the former President of the Idealist Hearths who lost his life as a result of an assassination in Ankara, expressed her reaction on social media to those who targeted Saniye Ateş, who met with the leader of the Republican People's Party, Özgür Özel.

After the murder of Sinan Ateş, the former General Chairman of the Idealist Hearths in the middle of the street in Ankara, the defendants appeared before the judge for the first time last week, one and a half years later. In the interim decision given during the trial, 10 out of 22 detained defendants were released. After the decision, Sinan Ateş's mother Saniye Ateş and his sisters Selma Ateş and Ayşe Ateş met with Özgür Özel at the CHP Headquarters yesterday.


After the meeting, the family was targeted by some accounts on social media. Ayşe Ateş, the wife of Sinan Ateş, reacted to those who targeted Saniye Ateş on social media through her social media account. Starting her words by saying "You bastards! You villains! You bullet soldiers," Ayşe Ateş expressed the following: "You left me, and now you started to insult my mother Saniye? Did you declare Sinan's mother and sisters as FETÖ members? This grieving woman, who stands tall against people like you, cowards, with her wisdom and courage, buried her child and then her life partner within a year. One was taken away from her by bullets, the other by the pain and sorrow of losing a child. Yet, she did not bend or cower in a corner. At her age, she came and confronted her son's killers. She looked at all of you and spat in your faces, and you didn't say a word to me. You have nothing to find in a stomach nor any principles in terms of character! You have neither received proper upbringing nor have you been blessed with humanity...


You turn bright red with anger when you accuse these helpless women, who have buried their husbands, children, and siblings, of attacking the Idealist Hearths and the MHP. While trying to suppress those who speak out about this political murder, which a few cowards and villains have sunk their teeth into, with insults, curses, threats, organization, and sexist rhetoric, you show no sign of blushing. No shame, no remorse! Lies and slander come easily to you.

What about honesty, honor, dignity, and integrity?

Call your father, call him.

Attack, we are waiting!

Attack the dreamers of justice, the defenders of honor, the prisoners of truth!

Attack the treacherous ambushers of the country, the enablers of drug dealers!

Attack with your million-dollar black cars, do it like that!

Attack with your cardboard heroes, your social media armies, your hitmen, your lackeys, your sycophants!

Attack with your remnants of FETÖ, your sold-out lines, your quotes from murder-themed movies!


Attack with the statements of hired killers, drug dealers, the lies of your trolls, and the new violence plans of the real instigators!

Attack with your merry-go-rounds, your clichés, your infections!

Attack with your pus-filled, judgmental, blood-scented mouths!

Attack with your essence hidden behind your patriotism, with your words that demand accountability from the truth, with your eyes that cannot be contained by arrogance!

Neither your perception operations, nor your morons who carry out these operations, nor the hired bullets you will send our way can turn us away from this path of justice.

Because you have hurt us deeply.

You have already taken our lives.

You shouldn't have done it!"

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