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18:07 'Violins Of Hope' In Berlin Honors Holocaust Remembrance Day
As world leaders on Jan. 27 converged on the grounds of World War II's largest death camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland, to commemorate the 70th year since its liberation on Jan. 27, 1945, Berlin hosted a concert uniquely connected to this historic occasion.Members of the Berlin Philharmonic perform...
Opinion: Joko Widodo Faces A Defining Test After 100 Days In Office Opinion: Joko Widodo Faces A Defining Test After 100 Days In Office
Joko Widodo's "Mr. Clean" image and appeal to young voters were often likened to Obama's promise of change back in 2008. But after 100 days in office, the president struggles to keep it alive, writes DW's Grahame Lucas. Since becoming Mayor of Jakarta several years ago, Joko Widodo has been widely d...
21:08 Doctor Fired Over Critical Posts On Social Media
Dr. Ilker Can Topçu has lost his job at the Kartal Blood Donation Center because he shared a caricature that criticized the government and called Justice and Development Party (AK Party) supporters “AK Trolls,” according to the Cumhuriyet daily. Topçu was allegedly fired from his job at the blood d...
13:03 Prince Philip's Knighthood Dismays Australians
Prime Minister Tony Abbott honors British royal with title.
09:30 Turkey And The US: An Amoral Alliance?
Francis J. Ricciardone, the former US ambassador to Turkey, recently said that the Turkey-US alliance is a partnership of mutual interest rather than of shared values. Many commentators, myself included, had made similar comments well before Ricciardone's “confession.” In fact, this is not surprisin...
18:26 Turkish Film 'Ivy' Set For Sundance Premiere
Turkish film “Sarmasik” (Ivy), written and directed by Tolga Karaçelik, is vying for honors at this year's Sundance Film Festival, which started on Thursday.The film, the only title from Turkey this year at Sundance, will have its world premiere on Monday evening at the Egyptian Theatre and will be ...
01:18 Us, Cuba Discuss Migration Between The Two Countries
'Despite the clear differences that remain between our countries, the United States and Cuba can find opportunities to advance our mutual shared interests, as well as engage in a respectful and thoughtful dialogue.'
The ECB's Moment Of Truth The ECB's Moment Of Truth
Markets are counting on the European Central Bank to unveil a massive stimulus program on Thursday. It is the last arrow in the central bank's quiver - but will it be enough and have the same effect it's had in the US? The European Central Bank is widely expected to launch a controversial new bond-b...
Your Favorite Unpronounceable German Words Your Favorite Unpronounceable German Words
Just how good is your German pronunciation? After we shared our favorite impossible-to-pronounce German vocabulary, DW readers chimed in via Facebook, Twitter and email with theirs. We shared our 10 favorite German words that are bound to give away a non-native speaker. Congratulations to all of our...
11:52 Davutoglu And Strategic Depth On Display In Brussels
On return from his first trip to Brussels in his capacity as prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu shared some of his views of his experiences there.Not taking any questions after his meetings with authorities from the EU, Davutoglu was excited, knowing the sort of queries that he would get from some jour...
Azerbaijani Public Honors January 20 Tragedy Victims' Blessed Memory Azerbaijani Public Honors January 20 Tragedy Victims' Blessed Memory
Azerbaijani public honored January 20 tragedy victims' blessed memory on Tuesday.
18:15 Twitter Refuses To Disclose User Identity To Protect Freedom Of Expression
Twitter, the phenomenal microblogging website, is on Turkey's agenda mainly because the government is waging a war on the anonymous whistleblower Fuat Avni (@fuatavnifuat), but the resilience Twitter has shown in protecting user information is not only limited to cases in Turkey, the company says. T...
21:06 Gülen Calls For Respect For The Sacred, Denounces Terrorism
Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen has called on everyone to respect sacred values of each other while at the same time strongly condemning resorting to violence terrorism in so-called attempts protect these sacred values.Gülen has shared his views on the recent violence in Paris that began wit...
18:37 Families Relocate After Their Children's Private Info Disclosed On Website
The families of delinquent and victimized children whose names and addresses were deliberately exposed by the education directorate in a district of Diyarbakir province have started moving to other cities, as they have become increasingly uncomfortable knowing their personal information has become k...
The Sino-Pakistani Axis: Asia's 'Little Understood' Relationship The Sino-Pakistani Axis: Asia's 'Little Understood' Relationship
China and Pakistan have been described as "all weather friends," but the nature of their ties remains secretive. DW talks to analyst Andrew Small, about some of the most sensitive aspects of this strategic relationship. DW: How would you describe the nature of Sino-Pakistani relations? Andrew Small:...
13:50 Gülen Condemns Paris Shootings, Says All Forms Of Terror Deplorable
Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen has strongly condemned an attack on a French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a series of shootings in Paris suburbs last week, extending condolences to families of the victims.Gülen, who has been a vocal voice in rejecting violence and terrorism, said in ...
12:57 Eight Countries, Eight Cultures, One Shared Objective
Coming to terms with multicultural life is the logical option for us and for our children's future, even if it does not come naturally. Unless we prefer to once again divide our planet into thousands of small entities where only one race, one language, one set of beliefs and a one-dimensional perspe...
12:55 Turkey's Dirty Secret About Al-Qaeda
Since 2012, political observers has been questioning Turkey's relationship with al-Qaeda and other radical Islamist terrorist organizations.Three interesting developments related to this took place in last 10 days. First, a suicide bomber attacked the Istanbul police. It was revealed that the suicid...
Opinion: Freedom Of The Press Includes The Freedom Not To Publish Opinion: Freedom Of The Press Includes The Freedom Not To Publish
Sweeping criticism of leading US media for not publishing Charlie Hebdo cartoons is understandable – and wrong. Journalists should support press freedom, but that does not mean indiscriminately publishing cartoons. The impulse was clear and broadly shared. After the heinous massacre of Charlie Hebdo...
15:58 'I Think Therefore I Am'
The terrorist attacks in Paris this past week have shocked the world. This past Sunday, more than a million people came together to participate in a two-mile march to show unity and solidarity with France and support for our shared values. Dozens of heads of state attended the “March of Unity” in Pa...

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