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2 Russian Strategic Bombers Conduct Training Flight Above Barents, Norwegian Seas

03.04.2024 17:12

Russian Defense Ministry says aircraft accompanied by fighters from foreign countries at some stages of flight.

Two Russian Tu-95MS strategic bombers conducted a training flight above the neutral waters of the Barents and Norwegian seas, the Defense Ministry said Wednesday.

Su-30SM fighter jets provided cover during the five-hour flight, it said in a statement that noted at some points, the aircraft were accompanied by fighter jets from foreign countries.

"The flight was carried out in strict accordance with the international rules for the use of airspace," it said.

The ministry stressed that long-range aviation pilots regularly fly above the neutral waters of the Arctic, North Atlantic oceans, Black, Baltic seas and the Pacific Ocean.

Tu-95MS strategic missile carrier bombers are part of the long-range aviation of Russian Aerospace Forces and the air component of the nuclear triad consisting of aircraft, submarines, and intercontinental ballistic missiles. -

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