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Beijing Half Marathon Officials Strip Winner, Foreign Runners Of Prizes After Controversial Race

20.04.2024 00:42

Ruling comes after 3 African runners allow Chinese racer to win Sunday.

Organizers of last weekend's Beijing Half Marathon have stripped He Jie and three other athletes of medals and prize money because of the controversial conclusion of the race, media reports said Friday.

Several companies involved in the organization and promotion of the race have also faced penalities -- losing contracts for future editions, said the South China Morning Post, citing the organizing committee.

All trophies, medals and bonuses will be withdrawn and the runners will be reported to the Chinese Athletics Association, according to the committee.

"We deeply and sincerely apologise to the world and to every part of society, that we did not discover and correct the mistakes in time at this race," it said in a statement.

Organizers have been investigating the outcome of the race after controversy erupted due to allegations that several foreign runners let a Chinese competitor win.

Three male runners Kenya and Ethiopia were accused of slowing down at the end of Sunday's race to let He win, the South China Morning Post reported.

One runner said he allowed He to win because of their friendship.

"I was the pacemaker, my boss told me to come and pace so He could break the Chinese national record," Willy Mnangat told the newspaper.

"My agent from Kenya told me, when I was going to get the visa, that I am going to China to help the Chinese break the national record," he said. -

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