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He asked for a long bread from his mother, but left the house because she brought round bread.

He asked for a long bread from his mother, but left the house because she brought round bread.

24.05.2024 12:29

In Bursa, 44-year-old Bülent Dalgın left his house after asking his 96-year-old mother, who he wanted to buy long bread, to buy "round bread" from the bakery. Zeliha Dalgın is waiting for her child to return without ever leaving her balcony.

44-year-old Bülent Dalgın, who left his house after his 96-year-old mother, whom he sent to the bakery to buy long bread, came home with round bread, has been missing for 20 days. Zeliha Dalgın, who is worried about her son's life, has filed a missing person report and is waiting for her son to return without sleeping or eating.

Bülent Dalgın, who lives with his 96-year-old mother Zeliha Dalgın in the Mustafakemalpaşa district, asked his mother to buy long bread from the bakery. When the 96-year-old elderly woman couldn't find long bread at the bakery, she bought round bread and came home. When her son asked if she bought long bread, she said she didn't buy it because there was no long bread. This led to an argument between the mother and son.

Bülent Dalgın, who said to his mother "You are lying so that you don't have to buy long bread," left the house and never returned. Zeliha Dalgın, who is worried about her son's life, called the police and gendarmerie to report him missing. Zeliha Dalgın, who has not left her balcony for 20 days, is dreaming of her son's return and reuniting with him.

Zeliha Dalgın, whose tears have dried up from crying, said, "It has been 20 days. We were watching TV together. He got angry at me for no reason. He said, 'Mother, go buy bread, but buy long bread.' I said, 'Okay, my child, I will buy long bread.' There was no long bread at the bakery, so I bought round bread. I said, 'I came back, there was no long bread, my child.' He said, 'Then you are lying, you don't want to buy long bread,' got angry and left. He was taking regular medication. I never delayed his medication. I have been watching him from the balcony for 20 days, please, I beg you. Come back home, my child, my dear, I miss you so much. Please come back home."

Zeliha Dalgın, who stated that her son left the house in a moment of anger without taking any money or identification with him, said, "We had acquaintances in Istanbul. We thought he might have gone there. My brother investigated, but he didn't go there either. He doesn't have a penny with him. His ID card is at home, he just left like that." Zeliha Dalgın, who has not left the balcony of her house since her son left, said, "If my child is found, I will celebrate. I will pray for you until I die."

Zeliha Dalgın, who cannot sleep and has lost her appetite, begs her son to come back, saying, "Please, my child, come back home. My tears have stopped. My eyes are dry. Every night, I pray, 'Oh God, protect my child from bad people.' I have no one else but him. I beg you. Please find my son."

Teyze Teşrife Kaman, who said that the last time she spoke to Bülent Dalgın, he said he repented and would not leave again, said, "I don't know what happened or why he left. My sister cries for her son on the balcony all night. He had gone to Balıkesir before. The soldiers found him. He gave them his uncle's number. They called his uncle, and his uncle went and picked him up. He even stayed in the hospital. He was taking medication. I hope he comes back."

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