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India Says 250 Nationals 'Lured With Employment Opportunities,' Rescued From Cambodia

01.04.2024 22:12

Indian nationals lured with employment opportunities forced to undertake illegal cyber work, say Indian officials.

By Ahmad Adil

NEW DELHI (AA) — India has repatriated about 250 Indians from Cambodia lured to the Southeast Asian country with promises of employment but forced to undertake illegal cyber work, according to Indian officials.

Noting that Indian authorities had issued several advisories to nationals of the country about such schemes, the Foreign Ministry said it had "rescued and repatriated about 250 Indians, of which 75 in just the last three months," in close collaboration with Cambodian authorities.

"Our embassy in Cambodia has been promptly responding to complaints from Indian nationals who were lured with employment opportunities to that country but were forced to undertake illegal cyber work," the ministry said.

"We remain committed to helping all those Indian nationals in Cambodia who seek our support. We are also working with Cambodian authorities and with agencies in India to crack down on those responsible for these fraudulent schemes," it added.

On X, the Indian Embassy in Cambodia released a series of email addresses on Monday that Indian citizens "stuck in Cambodia under any compelling circumstances" could reach for assistance. -

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