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Norwegian Aid Ship Bound For Gaza Makes Port In Netherlands

26.05.2024 02:42

‘We are heading to Gaza to advocate for its liberation,’ says ship's captain.

The Handala ship, part of the Freedom Flotilla (Ship to Gaza) that set sail from Norway on May 1 to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza and break an Israeli blockade, has reached Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

The ship, with a crew of 13 activists, arrived at the Schie Port.

At an event in the Oase Rotterdam building at the port, children in the Netherlands drew pictures for children in Gaza.

"We are heading to Gaza to advocate for its liberation and an end to the occupation," the ship's captain, Norwegian Wellu Koivosto, told Anadolu.

"The children here will hand over their drawings to us, and we will give them to the children in Gaza. We will also bring the drawings made by the children in Gaza back to Europe," said Koivosto.

Activists on the ship shared information about the genocide committed by Israel against Palestinians with residents at the ports where they stop.

*Writing by Zehra Nur Duz. -

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