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Rasim Ozan Kütahyalı, who Nagehan Alçı said was suffocating her, broke his silence.

Rasim Ozan Kütahyalı, who Nagehan Alçı said was suffocating her, broke his silence.

10.07.2024 14:20

Journalist Nagehan Alçı stated that her ex-husband Rasim Özan Kütahyalı subjected her to physical, psychological, and economic violence, saying "There were countless nights when Rasim's anger wouldn't subside, and I know that I waited in the living room with a knife in my hand so that he wouldn't do anything to me." Following this statement, Kütahyalı's side responded with the statement, "Even if they cut off my head, I will not speak against Nagehan. This is my principle decision."

Journalist Nagehan Alçı and her husband Rasim Özan Kütahyalı divorced by mutual agreement on October 3, 2023. Nagehan Alçı recently revealed the details of the violence she experienced in her marriage. Following these shocking words that made headlines, a statement also came from Rasim Ozan Kütahyalı's side.


Alçı, who said that her ex-husband tried to strangle her on November 17, 2017, stated, "He choked me. I'm looking at the ceiling, I can't breathe. I probably had 5-10 seconds left to live. Rasim's anger didn't subside. I waited in the living room with a knife in my hand for him not to do anything to me. He slammed the doors. I tried to calm him down so that the children wouldn't wake up. I couldn't sleep out of fear. He took the money I earned from me on the first day. He withdrew money from our joint account without my knowledge and bought a house. He lived with his girlfriend," she said.


Rasim Ozan Kütahyalı responded to Nagehan Alçı's controversial statements. Kütahyalı, who stated that he didn't want to talk about his ex-wife, said, "Even if they cut my head off, I won't speak against Nagehan. This is my principle decision. We have two children, they are with me now. We spend beautiful time together. I can't do this irresponsibility towards them. They are already 11 years old, they can read and watch everything," he said.

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