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Russia Condemns 'Israeli Attack' On Iran's Diplomatic Mission In Damascus

01.04.2024 23:27

Russia urges Israel to abandon practice of 'provocative military actions on territory of Syria, other neighboring countries'

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Monday condemned the "Israeli attack" on Iran's diplomatic mission in Damascus and urged Tel Aviv to abandon "provocative military actions" in Syria and other neighboring countries.

Any attacks on diplomatic missions are unacceptable, the ministry said in a statement.

"On the evening of April 1, the Israeli Air Force attacked the Iranian Consulate building in Damascus. As a result of the attack, the building was completely destroyed. According to incoming information, there are a significant number of dead and injured, including diplomats.

"We strongly condemn this attack on the Iranian consular mission in Syria. We consider categorically unacceptable any encroachments on diplomatic and consular facilities, the inviolability of which is guaranteed by the relevant Vienna Conventions," it stressed.

Israeli "aggressive actions" are "absolutely unacceptable and must be stopped," the ministry said, urging the international community "to give a clearly defined position and an appropriate legal assessment of these actions."

"We urge the Israeli leadership to abandon the practice of provocative military actions on the territory of Syria and other neighboring countries, which is fraught with extremely dangerous consequences throughout the region," it said. -

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