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Taxi Drivers In Italy Go On Strike To Protest Possible Deregulation Of Sector

22.05.2024 00:12

Drivers vow to stage 48 hour strike ahead of European parliamentary elections in June if their demands are not met.

Taxi drivers across Italy went on strike Tuesday to protest the possible deregulation of the sector, threatening a 48-hour strike ahead of European parliamentary elections in June.

Turnout for the strike was 100% in Rome and other major cities, including Milan and Naples.

Police closed roads leading to the Prime Minister's Office due to a demonstration by hundreds of taxi drivers in the capital.

The strike action was taken following a call from unions. Drivers are protesting the possible deregulation of the sector and the granting of many new licenses for the first time in decades.

Following complaints from consumers over a chronic shortage of taxis and long queues of people at airports and train stations waiting for drivers to arrive, Industry Minister Adolfo Urso met weeks ago with executives from the US-based ride-hailing app Uber for talks on a solution, angering a powerful taxi driver lobby.

Union representatives are expected to meet with government officials on Monday and said drivers are ready to go on strike again for 48 hours in the run-up to elections for the European Parliament from June 6-9 if no progress is made during the talks. -

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