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The price of lemons has reached 100 TL per kilogram! The Ministry is taking action on the matter.

The price of lemons has reached 100 TL per kilogram! The Ministry is taking action on the matter.

09.07.2024 16:42

The price per kilogram of lemons, which were harvested with a shovel 8 months ago due to a high yield, is heading towards 100 TL. Agriculture and Forestry Minister İbrahim Yumaklı, who spoke about the price fluctuation in lemons, stated that the figures are not related to the absence of lemons in the country and that action will be taken against those who apply excessive prices.

The increase in lemon prices is at the top of the agricultural agenda in Turkey. Despite the abundance of production, the fact that prices have risen so much in lemons, which were sold for less than 1 TL on the tree until 8 months ago and were harvested by pruning the tree branches with shovels, is remarkable. As of today, the kilogram price of lemons in chain supermarkets ranges from 69.50 TL to 84.50 TL. It is said that prices will reach 100 TL in the coming days.

Intervention will be made against exorbitant lemon prices


Turkish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, İbrahim Yumaklı, made an evaluation regarding the increase in lemon prices and stated that there is a sufficient amount of lemons in Turkey. He said, "I can say this clearly, we have the amount of lemons that we need in our country until the new products are harvested, which will start in August, in terms of the ones that have already been harvested and the products in the warehouses. I can say this clearly. So, the recent price increase has nothing to do with the lack of lemons inside. There is a matter of exorbitant prices here. Our Ministry of Trade is dealing with it very seriously, as always."

Intervention will be made against exorbitant lemon prices

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