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US Police Remove Pro-Palestine Encampment At University Of Michigan

21.05.2024 17:42

Student protesters demanding school divest from Israel, end to Israeli attacks in Gaza.

US police removed a pro-Palestine encampment on the University of Michigan campus Tuesday.

University President Santa Ono said protesters refused to comply with a request to remove fire hazards, which he said "forced the university to take action."

Student protesters were demanding the school divest from Israel and an end to Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip.

The encampment was set up in late April.

"Ensuring that the campus is safe — for students, faculty, employees, university visitors, and protestors — is a paramount concern," said Ono, noting the school provided 24-hour security for the encampment for the past four weeks.

Pro-Palestine students at Columbia University started a sit-in in the campus garden in April to protest the school's financial investments in companies that support Israel's attacks and occupation in Gaza.

The detention of more than 100 protesters during demonstrations at that school fueled tensions. Nearly 3,000 protesters were arrested after the demonstrations spread to other universities across the country.

The protests in the US then took a global turn, quickly spreading to universities in Europe and around the world. -

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