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Dutch-Translated Quran Distributed At 'Don't Burn, Read' Event In Netherlands

11.02.2024 21:42

President of Arnhem Türkiyem Mosque Foundation expressed desire for unity, solidarity among people.

Copies of the Quran with Dutch translation were distributed in the Netherlands as part of the "Don't Burn, Read" event, after last month's attack on the Muslim holy book by the leader of the racist and far-right Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA) movement.

In Arnhem, located in the eastern part of the Netherlands, six mosque leaders organized the event at Jansplein Square, where far-right leader Edwin Wagensveld attempted to burn a copy of the Quran on Jan 13.

At the event, free Dutch-translated copies of the Quran and brochures explaining Islam were distributed to passersby.

Galip Aydemir, president of the Arnhem Türkiyem Mosque Foundation affiliated with the Dutch Diyanet Foundation, told Anadolu that they aim to convey to the people why Islam and the Quran are sacred for Muslims.

He expressed a desire for unity and solidarity among the people of Arnhem, saying: "Let the Quran and all sacred texts not be burned, but read."

John Maters, a Dutch attendee who received a copy of the Quran, appreciated the event and criticized last month's provocative actions by Wagensveld.

"When you think about the provocative action carried out last month, you turn people into enemies against each other. I don't think you have to be religious to understand that this doesn't make any sense," he added. -

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