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Wildfire In Western Türkiye Contained: Minister

20.06.2024 02:57

Canakkale Strait is completely open to ship traffic, says Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Ibrahim Yumakli.

Türkiye's minister of agriculture and forestry said Wednesday that a wildfire in western Canakkale province has been contained and cooling efforts will continue.

"We have crossed the entire area twice, and as of now, I can say that the Canakkale Eceabat fire is under control," Ibrahim Yumakli said in a briefing at the coordination center established at the Canakkale Epic Promotion Center.

Yumakli said they are conducting the final checks related to the fire in Canakkale's Eceabat district.

He noted that for over two hours, they have been evaluating whether the fire could reignite in some areas due to very strong and intense winds.

Yumakli said that from the beginning, nine planes, six helicopters, 94 water tankers and construction machinery with approximately 540 personnel have intervened in the fire.

"The area affected by the fire is 575 hectares. I am not talking about the burned area. I am talking about the affected area.

"Our friends will announce how much area was damaged after everything is over, as always. Approximately 340 hectares of the area is forested, and the rest is rural land outside the forest," he added.

Following the control of the stubble fire, which spread to the forest in Eceabat district, Yumakli also announced that the Canakkale Strait is completely open to ship traffic.

"The issue of opening this area (the Gallipoli Historical Area) to visitors will continue partially. Any developments by our area directorate will be announced.

"There is no longer any obstacle to opening the strait to ship traffic. As of now, both sides of the strait will be open. We evacuated two villages. There is no obstacle to the residents of these two villages returning to their homes," he said.

A village in northwestern Türkiye was evacuated Tuesday as a precaution due to wildfires in nearby areas, according to local authorities.

The Governor's Office of Canakkale province said in a statement that aerial and ground-based firefighting teams were dispatched to extinguish fires near Buyukanafarta village in Eceabat, adding the flames were visible from several surrounding settlements.

It said the road between Buyukanafarta and another local village, Kumkoy, about 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) east, had been closed, while advising caution to residents and tourists in the area.

*Writing by Esra Tekin in Istanbul -

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