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12:18 Turkish Press Review
Monday's papers covered a meeting on the "solution process" between the Turkish government and the 'wise men' delegation of experts, plus the assassination of the former mayor of a town close to the Turkish/Syrian border.
10:42 Turkey's EU PR Campaign
Since the reshuffle of Turkey's political elite following Recep Tayyip Erdogan's move to the presidency, Ankara has been telling us there is a “New Turkey.” So far, I do not see that much new. I think a better description would be the “new old Turkey” because it looks rather like the Turkey of the 1...
10:42 Relationships: Coping With All The Cultural Diversity
Some of you reading this are probably fans of two great actors, Sidney Poitier and Katharine Hepburn. In that case, you'll be familiar with the film “Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.” This groundbreaking story dealt with a controversial subject. You may not know this, but it was not until 1967 that in ...
10:39 New Turkey And New Cyprus
Just as we were keeping up our hopes on the negotiations between Turkish and Greek Cyprus, we were surprised by the news coming from the Greek side: They suspended the negotiations unilaterally.Last Tuesday, Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades announced that his government has suspended the peac...
IBM To Shed Loss-Making Semiconductor Unit IBM To Shed Loss-Making Semiconductor Unit
International Business Machines (IBM) has struck a deal to get rid of its unprofitable chip-making unit, media reports have claimed. They said the recipient would be investment giant Globalfoundries. The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that IBM was finally successful in getting of its unloved se...
Press TV Reporter In Turkey Killed In Car Accident Press TV Reporter In Turkey Killed In Car Accident
Iranian Press TV reported that its correspondent in Turkey, Serena Shim, has been killed in a “suspicious” car accident near the Turkey-Syria border.
US Airdropped Weapon, Medical Aid For Kurdish Defenders In Kobani US Airdropped Weapon, Medical Aid For Kurdish Defenders In Kobani
US warplanes have airdropped weapons, ammunition and medical supplies for Kurdish troops defending the Syrian border town of Kobani against advancing Islamic State (IS) insurgents.
EU Diplomats To Discuss Ebola EU Diplomats To Discuss Ebola
Liberia's president has made an impassioned plea for the international community to do more to combat the spread of Ebola in West Africa. The call comes ahead of a meeting of European foreign ministers to discuss Ebola. European foreign ministers are scheduled to meet in Luxembourg on Monday to disc...
13:48 Turkish Border Health Workers 'Prepared For Ebola'
Medical team at Kapikule on Turkey Bulgaria border trained and equipped to deal with the deadly disease, Governor of Edirne border province says.
12:18 Despite Deal, Yemen's Houthis Maintain Ibb Presence
Yemen's Shiite Houthi group maintained its presence in the central city of Ibb despite an earlier agreement with local tribes for all armed groups to pull out of the city, a local official said Sunday.
Several People Examined In Georgia Due To Possible Ebola Virus Infection Several People Examined In Georgia Due To Possible Ebola Virus Infection
Several people among 84 passengers arriving in Georgia from West Africa are being examined due to a possible Ebola virus infection, the head of the Supervisory Board of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health Paata Imnadze said at a press conference.
23:19 Houthis, Tribes Agree To Pull Out Of Central Yemen's Ibb
The source said the deal was signed under the auspices of the governor of the central Yemeni province.
18:33 Turkish Cyprus Sends Letter To Un To Reopen Peace Talks
Turkish Cyprus President Eroglu has called on the Greek Cypriot administration to review its decision to withdraw from peace talks.
17:48 Egypt Sends Medical Aid To Ebola-Hit Guinea
The medical aid included protection eyeglasses, chlorine, special body bags, sanitized gloves and head covers.
17:18 Malawi Arrests Ex-Budget Director Over Cashgate Scandal
Malawian authorities on Saturday arrested a former budget director and his wife in connection with the infamous cashgate scandal, which led to the suspension of foreign aid to the south east African country.
14:53 New US Ambassador To Turkey Bass Arrives In Turkey
Newly appointed career diplomat John Bass who was sworn in as the new ambassador to Turkey on Oct. 7 with a ceremony at the US State Department arrived in Turkish capital city of Ankara on Saturday.Making brief statements to the press members at the airport, Ambassador Bass said that Turkey and Unit...
09:51 PKK Leader To Be Given Status 'Official Negotiator,' Daily Claims
AYDIN ALBAYRAK The imprisoned leader of the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) will be given the status of “official negotiator” in talks as part of a settlement process launched to resolve the country's decades-old Kurdish issue, a daily said on Friday.“Following the protests [recently held i...
#Whoami: Finding Myself - Alina, France #Whoami: Finding Myself - Alina, France
Alina lives in a slum outside Paris. Being Roma, she has to deal with a lot of discrimination. That sometimes makes it hard to figure out who she is. One thing she knows: "I'm going to do something with my life." Alina moved out of her parents' home in Romania at the age of 15. She got pregnant shor...
'Milky Protest' Not About The Chocolate Pudding 'Milky Protest' Not About The Chocolate Pudding
The "Milky protest" is Israel's most viral online movement of the last few years. It's dealing with more than just the price of a nostalgic chocolate pudding, but who is actually behind it? "There is no wall between us and the outside world. We can see what's happening elsewhere. I tell all of you: ...
Slovenian Economy Minister Petrovic Resigns Slovenian Economy Minister Petrovic Resigns
Slovenian Economy Minister Jozef Petrovic has resigned after learning he is being probed over alleged fraud in deals with the administration. He was appointed only a month ago and denied any wrongdoing. Slovenia's Economy Minister Jozef Petrovic resigned Friday after only four weeks in office in the...

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'Milky Protest' Not About The Chocolate Pudding 'Milky Protest' Not About The Chocolate Pudding