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00:46 Militants Hand Lebanese Soldier Over To Qatari Mediators
Militants holding several Lebanese soldiers hostage have handed over one soldier to Qatari mediators, a Lebanese security source said Tuesday.
23:31 Windows 10 To Hit Market In Late 2015
The business side of the new operating system was debuted Tuesday. In the spring, Microsoft will reveal consumer capabilities.
19:49 Cihan News Agency Diary
Cihan News Agency DiaryGMT 18:00Cihan News Agency latest on Tuesday September 30, 2014Here are the main Video News items Cihan News Agency aims to cover todayTOP NEWSEXPECTEDDELIVEREDFIREFIGHTERS DETAINED: The Istanbul Police Department's organized crime unit carried out an operation at the Istanbul...
19:46 After Rebasing, Kenya Becomes Africa's 9Th Largest Economy
According to the new figures, Kenya's economy has grown by 25 percent and is currently valued at 4.7 trillion Kenyan shillings.
19:19 "Kaaba-I Muazzama" Museum Displays Kaaba's History
"Kaaba-i Muazzama" (Kaaba the Great) museum is one of the pilgrims' most popular haunts in holy Mecca city of Saudi Arabia during Hajj pilgrimage period.A vast number of special pieces and photos from Masjid al-Haram and Masjid al-Nabawiya (Mosque of Prophet) are being displayed in Kaaba museum. A m...
18:50 Obama Hails Security Deal Signed With Afghanistan
U.S. President Barack Obama hailed Tuesday as "a historic day" as the United States and Afghanistan signed a bilateral security agreement that allows the residual American troops to stay in Afghanistan beyond 2014. "Today we mark a historic day in the U.S.-Afghan partnership that will help advance ...
18:49 Russia Activates S-400 Missile Systems In South To Guard Frontier
Russia has activated an air defense regiment armed with advanced S-400 surface-to-air missile systems in the Southern Military District to guard its southern frontiers, the Russian military said Tuesday. "An air defense missile regiment from the Fourth Command of the Air Force and Air Defense enter...
18:49 Spanish Island El Hierro Becomes Energy Self-Sufficient
The smallest and most southerly of Spain's Canary Islands, El Hierro, has became an energy self-sufficient island. "The United Nations and the European Union have singled out El Hierro as an example to encourage such initiatives in other islands," Policy director of the Spanish Wind Energy Associat...
18:03 Anti-Police Operation In Antalya Based On Pro-Gov't Media Stories
The latest wave of anti-police operations, which resulted in the detention of 14 police officers on Monday, was staged as a result of stories that appeared in two pro-government newspapers, Today's Zaman has learned.The stories, which concern claims of illegal wiretapping that were allegedly carried...
17:55 Man Shoots Ex-Partner Dead In Street
A man identified as M.I. shot his former girlfriend dead on Tuesday on a street in Edirne's Ipsala district. The incident occurred when the two, who had previously been in a relationship for eight years, came across each other by chance on a street in the Saraç Ilyas neighborhood and began to argue.
17:49 Sorbonne Apologizes For Lecturer Who Told Student Remove Headscarf
The head of France's Sorbonne University has personally apologized to a student for one of the university's lecturers who told a Muslim student to take off her headscarf during her lessons or leave the class. According to a news report in the country's Le Monde newspaper on Monday, the university's ...
"Promised Caliphate" Becomes Common Enemy
Although more than a week has passed since the beginning of air strikes on the positions of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIL or ISIS) militants and other radical extremist groups in Iraq and Syria, one can say with confidence that the allies have not achieved any significant progress in the figh...
17:19 Lions Look For Historic Win And 3 CL Points At Arsenal
Galatasaray heads to the Emirates Stadium on Wednesday in hopes of besting the team that narrowly knocked its fellow Istanbulites out of the UEFA Champions League. Arsenal overcame Besiktas with a 1-0 aggregate score to demote the Black Eagles to the Europa League, and now Galatasaray is trying to a...
Namibia Narrowly Avoids Missing Trade Deadline With EU Namibia Narrowly Avoids Missing Trade Deadline With EU
African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) states that have not ratified Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) with the EU will shortly lose their free EU market access. Namibia was one of the last to say it would sign up. It is cold in the fish sorting room at the Seawork fish processing plant at Walvis...
17:01 Turkish Mps To Debate Iraq, Syria Motions
On Thursday Turkish MPs will convene to debate two motions on whether to deploy troops in Syria and Iraq.
16:49 Chief Of Staff Attends Cabinet Meeting Amid Tension On Turkish-Syrian Border
Turkish Chief of Staff Gen. Necdet Özel will give a briefing to the cabinet which was convened on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Premier Ahmet Davutoglu to discuss security plans amid raising ISIL threat near country's borders.The cabinet meeting kicked off at 11:35 a.m. by local time with the nu...
After Abuses, German State Reforms Security Measures At Refugee Facilities After Abuses, German State Reforms Security Measures At Refugee Facilities
The German state of North Rhine Westphalia has introduced new measures to improve security services in refugee housing. Earlier this week, allegations emerged that guards at one facility had abused several residents. The many asylum seekers who had travelled to Germany for safety "need humane care.....
App Check: Where's The Next Cafe, Please? App Check: Where's The Next Cafe, Please?
Helping you find a shop close by in a city you don't know, that's what the Yelp app promises travelers. All entries are made by the users themselves making this application crowd sourced content. Restaurant, bar, coffee shop - these are the categories that the user sees first of all. These are the m...
15:16 2Mn Tourists Came Via Turkish Agencies In 2013: Egypt
Egyptian Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou on Tuesday said Turkish travel agencies had brought some two million European tourists to Egypt last year.
What Does The US-Afghan Security Deal Mean For Bilateral Ties? What Does The US-Afghan Security Deal Mean For Bilateral Ties?
Afghanistan's new government has signed a long-delayed security deal with the US allowing Washington to leave some troops beyond 2014. Analyst Scott Smith speaks to DW about the implications of the deal for both nations. In a move intended to mend frayed ties with the Unites States, a representative...

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