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Congo's President Accuses Rwanda Of Looting With EU Support

23.02.2024 10:57

President Felix Tshisekedi criticizes Rwanda's mining agreement with EU.

The president of the Democratic Republic of Congo said Thursday he was open to a dialogue with his Rwandan counterpart for peace but lashed out against an agreement recently signed between Rwanda and the European Union on mining.

"It's a provocation in very bad taste," said President Felix Tshisekedi during a live exchange with reporters on national television station RTNC.

Tshiseked alleged Rwanda was plundering Congo's mineral resources.

He criticized an agreement signed between the EU and Rwanda earlier this week linked to the strengthening of their cooperation in the mining sector, particularly with regard to critical raw materials such as tantalum.

Rwanda should not export wealth that it does not have, he said.

With the proceeds of these illicit sales, they will equip their armies and continue their ambitions in the Congo, he added.

He accused Rwanda of supporting the M23 rebel group, which launches regular attacks in eastern Congo.

"Rwanda continues to hide behind the M23, which is why I do not discuss with this terrorist group," he said, responding to a question on holding talks with the rebels.

"My priority is peace, I want definitive peace for my country, for that I am ready to put a pause on my warlike desires. If we can obtain it with non-warlike methods I sign with both hands. But if it takes war to have peace I will also do it with both hands," Tshisekedi added.

Tshisekedi is scheduled to meet his Angolan counterpart Joao Lourenco on Feb. 27. Lourenco is a mediator in this crisis.

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has always denied his support for the M23 rebels. -

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