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Seoul Summit Calls For 'Responsible Development' Of AI

22.05.2024 10:27

Representatives from 19 nations attend 2 day AI Global Forum jointly hosted by South Korea, UK.

Businesspeople and policymakers on Wednesday called for ensuring "responsible development" of artificial intelligence (AI) at a summit in South Korea.

Besides, the two-day AI Global Forum, which began on Tuesday, urged ensuring "responsible use of AI, pursuing sustainable development and innovation in AI, and ensuring the equitable benefits of AI for all."

The summit, a collaboration between South Korea and the UK, was held in the capital Seoul and was attended by a group of South Korean and global tech companies, according to Yonhap News Agency.

Korea's Samsung Electronics Co., Naver Corp., Kakao Corp. and KT Corp., as well as global big tech companies, such as Google, Microsoft, OpenAI and IBM were among the companies that participated in the summit.

Representatives from at least 19 nations, including the US, Japan, Germany, France and Italy attended the summit where the companies acknowledged the "rapid acceleration of technological advancements in AI and their growing impact on the global community." -

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