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The bomb planted in the box claimed a life! One out of the 7 people who received treatment lost their life.

The bomb planted in the box claimed a life! One out of the 7 people who received treatment lost their life.

24.05.2024 12:39

Sefa Can Karaçoban, who was among the 7 people injured in an explosion at a vineyard house in Tokat, has passed away at the hospital where he was receiving treatment. The treatment of the other injured individuals is still ongoing.

During the opening of a box left at a country house in Erbaa, Tokat, a homemade explosive device that was booby-trapped exploded, injuring 7 people, including 5 gendarmes. Among the injured, 29-year-old Sefa Can Karaçoban, who was receiving treatment at the hospital, lost his life. Two suspects who were arrested in connection with the explosion were detained and subsequently imprisoned by the judicial authorities.

The incident occurred on May 18th, around 9:00 pm, in the Karayaka district of the town. Ahmet Karaçoban, 63, and his son Sefa Can Karaçoban called the commander of the gendarmes patrolling the town with their mobile phone, informing him that someone was trying to forcefully enter their country house and that there was a locked box inside that did not belong to them. Upon receiving this information, the gendarmerie teams went to the address.

When the wooden box was opened, a homemade explosive device, consisting of construction iron bars measuring 8 to 10 centimeters and 10mm nails attached to a gas cylinder, detonated.

In the explosion, Ahmet Karaçoban, his son Sefa Can Karaçoban, and soldiers Uzman Çavuş Muhammed Avcı (25), Jandarma Astsubay Mustafa Evkay (32), Uzman Çavuş Burak Muslurget (30), Uzman Çavuş Alperen Songül (28), and Uzman Çavuş Sezer Ertürk (28) were injured.

Sefa Can Karaçoban, one of the injured, passed away yesterday evening while receiving treatment at Tokat State Hospital.

Turgay Ö. and İsmail G., who were detained in connection with the explosion, were arrested and sent to prison by the judicial authorities.

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