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The Right To Die Debate Gets Intense In India The Right To Die Debate Gets Intense In India
India's Supreme Court has sought views of states and union territories on the legality of euthanasia. While some say mercy killing is a basic human right, others claim it is a moral issue which needs to be debated. For over 11 years, the acid attack survivor Sonali Mukherjee has wanted to die becaus...
Deutsche Bank Back In US Regulators' Crosshairs Deutsche Bank Back In US Regulators' Crosshairs
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has sharply criticized Deutsche Bank for "shoddy financial reporting." This assessment was first made public by the Wall Street Journal, which "ed a letter to the German lender. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY) has grave concerns about Deutsche Bank's...
17:18 Un Human Rights Body Criticizes Israeli Attacks
Residential buildings are not legitimate targets, High Commissioner Navi Pillay said.
17:04 S. Sudan Govt Set To Resume Talks With Rebels
A South Sudanese government delegation is set to travel to Addis Ababa to resume peace talks with rebel leader Riek Machar with a view to halting the conflict in the world's newest state.
Saudi Slams Israel's 'War Crimes' In Gaza Saudi Slams Israel's 'War Crimes' In Gaza
Saudi Arabia has criticized on Tuesday Israel’s “shameful war crimes” in the Gaza Strip, saying the international community should not be “fooled” by Israel’s claims of self-defense against Palestinian rocket attacks.
16:03 Small Firms Can Battle Turkey's 'Vicious' Deficit
Small size enterprises should be improved to tackle current account deficit, says new report.
Syria Says Hopes New Peace Mediator Will Be Fair Syria Says Hopes New Peace Mediator Will Be Fair
Syria urged a newly appointed international mediator to be "objective and honest" as he seeks an end to the country's civil war, Syrian state television reported on Wednesday.
Some 33 Percent Of Iranian Females Marry While Underage Some 33 Percent Of Iranian Females Marry While Underage
In its new report published on July 22, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has warned about prevalence of the child marriage around the world.
13:51 SP Leader Says His Party Will Not Vote For Any Presidential Candidate
Felicity Party (SP) leader Mustafa Kamalak has said his party will not vote for any presidential candidate in the upcoming election to be held on Aug. 10.Announcing his party's decision regarding the presidential election, Kamalak added that the party will reconsider its decision before the second r...
Opinion: Images In Gaza Are Misleading Opinion: Images In Gaza Are Misleading
Israel is being heavily criticized for its offensive in Gaza. But the images of dead Palestinian civilians are deceptive. They are not victims of Israel, but of Hamas and its ruthless strategy, says Michael Wolffsohn. Images of war are deceptive; they are not real. Like most images, they feign a rea...
12:22 Every Day New Cases Of Ebola Are Detected In Liberia
Every day new cases of Ebola are detected in Liberia and it is essential to get these new samples to the laboratory of the World Health Organization (WHO)in Guéckédou, Guinea.The epidemic of Ebola extends across the borders to neighbouring countries Sierra Leone and Liberia.The samples here are read...
12:03 Turkish Film Directors Successful Abroad, Not At Home
Award winning Turkish directors win prizes, large audiences abroad but less acclaim at home.
11:58 MIT To Become Wiretapping Base
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has taken yet another controversial step by announcing his plan for abolishing the Telecommunications Directorate (TIB) and transferring its powers to the National Intelligence Organization (MIT). The government has already been widely criticized for expanding the...
11:57 'Pariah' Putin?
Despite the fact that the international investigation into the cause of the tragic MH17 plane crash in Ukraine that has left nearly 300 people dead has not yet properly begun, the conclusion already seems to have been decided -- Russia is guilty.This tragedy came after months of demands for Russia t...
11:57 The Gaza Tragedy
The Palestinian issue has served two main purposes. In the Middle East, Muslim rulers have hidden behind Israel's cruel measures and resistance to grant statehood to the Palestinians, rallying their disgruntled people against the Jewish state to distract them from problems in their own countries. Se...
11:57 Erdogan's 'Non-Precious' Loneliness
Civilians and innocent people are the most vulnerable victims of wars. A total of 298 innocent people were killed in a missile attack on a Malaysian aircraft in its route over Ukrainian airspace. Likewise, most of the victims in the Israeli attacks on Gaza are civilians.We were hoping that Turkey wo...
11:57 Conceptual Confusion
Everyone is aware that the world has changed, and it is no longer possible to interpret world events using old concepts. However, many people still insist on using old concepts to explain new situations. By old concepts, I mean those we find in international law textbooks or official texts written b...
11:53 Totalitarian Siege
Let me write down some of the recent developments in Turkey:* A parliamentary commission which was established to investigate corruption allegations leveled at ex-ministers cannot hold sessions because members of the ruling party do not attend meetings. On top of that, the chairperson of the commiss...
11:53 Cihan News Agency Diary
GMT: 09:00Cihan News Agency latest on Wednesday July 23, 2014Here are the main Video News items Cihan News Agency aims to cover todayTOP NEWSEXPECTEDISRAEL’S GAZA OFFENSIVE: Developments will be followed on offensives carried out by Israel in Gaza.KERRY/EGYPT: U.S Secretary of State John Kerry will ...
11:53 Fermi Catches A 'Transformer' Pulsar
In late June 2013, an exceptional binary system containing a rapidly spinning neutron star underwent a dramatic change in behavior never before observed. The pulsar's radio beacon vanished, while at the same time the system brightened fivefold in gamma rays, the most powerful form of light, accordin...

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