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02:33 Brazil Won't Demand Local Data Centers - Rousseff
As a conference on global Internet governance concludes in Sao Paulo, President Dilma Rousseff is praised for Brazil's new Internet bill and says the government will not insist on Internet companies having data centers in the country.
01:49 US Not Done On Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement
“There's always a way forward, but the leaders have to make the compromises necessary to do that,” said U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry.
18:16 Top Judge Visits Ataturk's Mausoleum, Wows To Extend Freedoms
Head of Turkish Constitutional Court Hasim Kiliç and accompanying delegation consisting of court judges and reporters visited Anitkabir, the mausoleum where Mustafa Kemal Ataturk laid to rest. Top Judge visited Anitkabir within the scope of 52nd establishment of the Court.After Kiliç and his retinue...
13:51 Cihan News Agency Diary
Cihan News Agency DiaryGMT: 09:45Cihan News Agency latest on Thursday, 24, 2014Here are the main Video News items Cihan News Agency aims to cover today. EXPECTEDDERVIS US VISIT: Turkish Cypriot President Dervis Eroglu, who is currently on an official visit in New York, will return Cyprus. A press me...
13:48 Disillusionment Of The Syrian People
There has been a new phenomenon in Syria likely to fundamentally change the parameters of the Syrian crisis. It was in an embryonic stage two months ago (see my March 5 article in Today's Zaman). In certain local communities, moderate opposition groups had started to negotiate with the Syrian army t...
Brazil Passes Online Privacy Law As Web Governance Conference Starts In Sao Paulo Brazil Passes Online Privacy Law As Web Governance Conference Starts In Sao Paulo
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has ratified a bill guaranteeing Internet privacy and access to the Web. It comes as Sao Paulo hosts a global conference on Internet governance. The legislation, which was passed by parliament late on Tuesday, puts limits on the storage of Brazilian Internet users'...
Fighting Malaria From Childhood In Burkina Faso Fighting Malaria From Childhood In Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso in western Africa suffers a heavy burden from malaria. But the country is doing its best to combat the disease - and efforts are focusing on schoolchildren. In a classroom in the town of Ziniare I am looking into 80 young, dark faces. The children, around eight years old, are sitting at...
Afghan Candidate Won't 'Compromise On The Taliban' Afghan Candidate Won't 'Compromise On The Taliban'
Abdulla Abdullah, a front-runner in the Afghan presidential elections, believes his country could have done better in the past decade.
12:16 Dictatorship In Between Theory And Practice
Turkey's modern history can be properly described as an adventure in attempting to achieve true democracy over the past 94 years -- using the opening of Parliament on April 23, 1920 as the start of this adventure. Actually, the beginning of this adventure can be dated back to the declaration of the ...
15:34 U.K. Leader Causes Row With "Christian Country" Article
Fifty prominent figures sign open letter critical of David Cameron's remarks made in church newspaper.
12:23 It's The Health Care, Stupid
The headline is directly inspired by the famous Bill Clinton presidential campaign unofficial slogan in 1992: “It's the economy, stupid.” The economic recession at that time had had its expected effect on voter behavior, opening the White House doors to Clinton, who was competing with George H.W. Bu...
12:22 Is Gül No Longer In The Political Equation?
Speculation that President Abdullah Gül is increasingly approaching Russia's Vladimir Putin-Dmitry Medvedev style of undemocratic governance, in the sense of becoming a puppet political figure, is on the rise, particularly since Gül has preferred not to veto some of the government's anti-democratic ...
US Urges Russia To Take 'Concrete Steps' Over Ukraine US Urges Russia To Take 'Concrete Steps' Over Ukraine
The US has called on Russia to take "concrete steps" to implement the terms of a deal aimed at defusing unrest in Ukraine. It has said Kyiv has already done its bit to honor the deal, although Moscow disagrees. The State Department said US Secretary of State John Kerry held a phone conversation with...
12:34 Cameron Criticized Over "Christian Country" Statement
UK premier David Cameron accused of fostering division in society with article published in Christian newspaper.
10:50 In Praise Of Sole Trading
When I left university, I had no idea what I wanted to do. The plan had originally been to work in a museum, but short stints of doing just that in the vacations had put me right off the idea. Consigned to a basement to inscribe reference numbers on thousands of pieces of clay pipe that must have sa...
10:50 Accountancy-Related Matters In Turkey
I wrote an article a while back about the difficulties of finding good service providers in the area of accountancy titled "Finding an English-speaking accountant in Turkey." In Turkey as well as in other countries, bookkeeping is very closely related to legal matters and foreign companies working i...
19:32 Egypt Jails Brotherhood Leader For Contempt Of Court
It was not immediately clear what exactly had Mohamed al Beltagi done since the hearing was held behind closed doors.
11:17 Ukraine Gov't Pledges Reforms To Settle Eastern Tension
PM Yatsenyuk announces a draft bill prepared to grant amnesty to any protesters who give up their weapons.
22:33 Erdogan Appeals To Turkey's Highest Court For 'Rights Breaches'
Turkey's Prime Minister asks the Constitutional Court to ensure court rulings that remove social media content due to human rights violations are implemented.
17:48 Justice Minister: Lower Election Threshold 'Good' For Turkey
Incumbent AK Party prepares a draft bill on a new electoral system which could change the election threshold.

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