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A strange theft in Adana! They stole the motorcycle along with its owner and ran away.

A strange theft in Adana! They stole the motorcycle along with its owner and ran away.

09.07.2024 14:10

A 17-year-old child in the Seyhan district of Adana stole a three-wheeled motorcycle with its owner and fled. The police, who watched the security camera footage, caught the suspect red-handed, while the motorcycle was returned to its owner.

A 17-year-old boy in Adana stole a three-wheeled motorcycle with its owner, which was captured on security cameras. The suspects were caught in a police operation and the motorcycle was returned to its owner.


The incident took place in the Yeşilyurt neighborhood of Seyhan district. İ.Ç, a 40-year-old man, arrived in front of a market with his three-wheeled motorcycle while collecting waste paper and recyclable materials from the streets. İ.Ç took cardboard boxes from the store and started loading them into the trunk of his vehicle.


M.T and his friend E.Y targeted İ.Ç's three-wheeled vehicle. While İ.Ç was placing the cardboard boxes in the trunk of his three-wheeled motorcycle, M.T took the wheel and started the vehicle, while his friend kept watch around. When the suspects didn't notice the owner of the vehicle, they stole the motorcycle along with him. These moments were captured on security cameras.


After driving for a while, M.T, who stole the vehicle, crashed into a wall when İ.Ç screamed. At that moment, İ.Ç fell off the three-wheeled motorcycle. M.T and his friend E.Y, who stole the three-wheeled motorcycle, fled the scene with the vehicle. Upon receiving a report, the Auto Theft Bureau of the Security Branch Directorate was dispatched to the area.


The police arrived at the scene and examined the security cameras to determine where the suspects fled. With an operation carried out at an address in the 19 Mayıs neighborhood of Yüreğir district, both suspects were caught red-handed. The three-wheeled motorcycle was returned to its owner.

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