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Canadian Police Arrest 9 Suspects In $24 Million Gold Heist

17.04.2024 18:42

Guns, cash, gold seized in crime worthy of Netflix series: Police.

Nine suspects were arrested in connection with a CAN$24 million (US$17.4 million) gold heist that "belongs in a Netflix series," Canadian police said at a news conference Wednesday.

"On April 17, 2023, at 3: 56 p.m. a flight landed at Pearson International Airport (in Toronto) from Zurich, Switzerland, with a cargo containing 6,600 bars of .9999% pure gold, weighing 400 kilograms (882 pounds), valued at over 20 million dollars and CAD 2.5 million ($1.8 million) worth in foreign currency," Peel Regional Police said in a statement. "Shortly after landing, it was offloaded and transported to a separate location on Airport property."

A suspect who worked for Air Canada gained access to a warehouse where the gold was stashed using a legitimate airway bill that was a duplicate of a seafood delivery, said police.

The gold and currency were loaded onto a delivery truck and the suspect drove the haul off airport grounds, completing "the largest gold heist in Canadian history," said officials.

Exactly one year after the heist, police announced Wednesday they had solved the crime and in addition to the gold, foreign currency and nine arrests that included the Air Canada employee and a Toronto jewelry store owner, three nationwide warrants were issued for other suspects.

But while the crime was solved, police only seized an estimated $90,000 of the gold that had been melted into bangles.

"This investigation remained a priority for Peel Regional Police," said police, adding that in all, 19 charges were filed.​​​​​​​

Authorities worked with the US Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bureau (ATF) on the crime and in connection with the gold heist. ATF agents seized 65 illegal guns from an individual in the US. The guns were intended to be imported into Canada.

"This story is a sensational one and one which probably, we jokingly say, belongs in a Netflix series," said Peel Regional Police Chief Nishan Duraiappah. -

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