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China's New Reconnaissance Drone Spotted Taking Debut Flight

19.04.2024 19:27

WZ 8 is expected to soar 3 times the speed of sound, reach altitudes of some 30 kilometers.

A new Chinese high-altitude, high-speed reconnaissance unmanned air vehicle (UAV) was spotted on Friday in the air making its debut flight.

The WZ-8 drone aircraft reportedly flew three times the speed of sound and can reach altitudes of approximately 30 kilometers (18.6 miles).

The blog of Defence Blog magazine sighted the WZ-8 positioned beneath a Xian H-6 bomber, signaling that it requires assistance from carrier aircraft to initiate flight.

The WZ-8's deployment is expected to bolster China's intelligence-gathering efforts, with a focus on South Asian regions, notably Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan.

The drone is also expected enhance China's strategic capabilities in regions where conventional surveillance methods may falter.

*Writing by Muhammed Yasin Gungor​​​​​​​ -

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