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Nagehan Alçı recounted the violence she witnessed from Rasim Ozan Kütahyalı: I used to wait with a knife in my hand at night.

Nagehan Alçı recounted the violence she witnessed from Rasim Ozan Kütahyalı: I used to wait with a knife in my hand at night.

09.07.2024 11:02

Journalist Nagehan Alçı, who divorced her husband Rasim Ozan Kütahyalı in a single session last year after 13 years of marriage, has spoken out about the psychological and economic abuse she endured. Alçı revealed that Kütahyalı took all of her money and subjected her to violence, stating, "I know how many nights I waited with a knife in my hand because Rasim's anger never subsided," leaving everyone shocked.

In 2010, Rasim Ozan Kütahyalı and Nagehan Alçı got married and had twin daughters. They divorced last year in a single session. After the separation, Nagehan Alçı, who was in the spotlight due to the violence she experienced from Kütahyalı, revealed unknown details about their marriage on Nevşin Mengü's program.


Nagehan Alçı, who said that she couldn't divorce immediately for the sake of her children from Rasim Ozan Kütahyalı, with whom she had serious problems in their marriage for many years, said, "Rasim was taking the money I earned from me by saying 'You wouldn't understand'. I couldn't get rid of him if I didn't send him the money. I was declared money ignorant by Rasim. The money was in a joint account, but he emptied it. I called the police to our house during one of his violent episodes. I am very angry at myself for enduring what I went through. When he entered that vicious cycle, one becomes unable to speak up. I know that I waited with a knife in my hand for many nights because Rasim's anger didn't subside. When Rasim became unemployed, I took care of him. While no one would look at him, I would call everyone for him. In the middle of the night, he would turn on the lights and say, 'You incompetent, you don't do anything for me' while I was sleeping."

Nagehan Alçı recounts the violence she experienced from Rasim Ozan Kütahyalı: When he couldn't get what he wanted, he would make my children watch my old videos


"Once he asked me for something and couldn't make me do it. He was very angry. I will never forget it and I ran away from the situation. When I came back, he had made the children sit in front of the television and opened one of my videos from years ago. Since Rasim used to work as a journalist before we got married, I used to participate in television programs occasionally. He found a broadcast where I looked bad. I am a bit overweight in that state and I didn't dress up nicely, so I looked tired and sloppy. He showed it to the children and pointed at me, saying 'Kids, this is your mother, she was this ugly and fat. I created her'."

Nagehan Alçı recounts the violence she experienced from Rasim Ozan Kütahyalı: I would wait with a knife in my hand at night

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