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'Now Is The Time To Unleash Africa's Peace Power': UN Chief

23.05.2024 20:27

Antonio Guterres says Africa is 'home to many examples of unity and solidarity in a fractured world.'

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Thursday noted Africa's important role in " the global good," emphasizing: "Now is the time to unleash Africa's peace power."

"Africa is an important voice for the global good," Guterres said at a Security Council session on the contribution of African countries to peace and security/

Noting that "the continent is home to many examples of unity and solidarity in a fractured world," Guterres noted that many African countries are stuck in the "hell of conflict" and live under the threat of terror and violence.

Recalling that the conflict in Sudan has entered a second year, Guterres expressed concern about increasing hostilities in El Fasher.

He stated that the UN continues to work for a cease-fire and emphasized that a comprehensive peace process should follow.

Highlighting that conflicts lead to death, hunger, disease and displacement, the UN chief said, "Many African countries are still suffering the impact of the pandemic, including higher rates of debt, limiting their capacity to fight poverty and hunger."

Emphasizing the necessity of strengthening Africa's leadership in the field of peace, Guterres said, "First, we need peace in Africa itself."

"Second, we need to embed African participation and leadership across the global peace and security architecture."

Guterres highlighted that "following the Second World War, the mechanisms of global governance -- including this Council -- were designed by the most powerful countries at that time," underscoring the need for the structures to evolve and better represent the current global landscape.

He noted that African countries were still trying to break free from "the shackles of colonialism" during that period. "Since then, the world has changed, but global institutions have not," he said.

Saying that African countries are still not given a place at the negotiating table, he said, "The impacts of these structural inequalities are plain to see."

Noting the need for equal participation in global governance structures to strengthen Africa's voice, Guterres said, "This must include correcting the lack of permanent African representation at this Council." -

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