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Spain's King Felipe VI Celebrates 10Th Anniversary On Throne

19.06.2024 20:42

Felipe became first monarch to inherit throne directly from his abdicating father, Juan Carlos.

King Felipe VI of Spain marked a significant milestone Wednesday as he celebrated the 10th anniversary of his accession to the throne.

The 56-year-old monarch ascended June 19, 2014, succeeding his father, Emeritus King Juan Carlos, who had served as the head of state for 39 years.

During his decade-long reign, Felipe navigated a turbulent period marked by various challenges. Controversies surrounding his father, including corruption allegations, shadowed the early years of his rule.

Internal tensions, such as Catalonia independence, economic downturns, financial crises and the global coroavirus pandemic, tested the resilience of the Spanish monarchy and the nation.

Felipe became the first monarch to inherit the throne directly from his abdicating father.

Embracing his anniversary, the king adopted the slogan: "Service, loyalty, and duty," reaffirming his commitment to a modern and transparent monarchy fit for the challenges of a new era.

Felipe emphasized the values of transparency and leadership in his address to the nation, aiming to set an example for his people and beyond.

After Felipe, Princess Leonor, his eldest daughter, will ascend the throne. She will become Spain's first queen regnant.

Meanwhile, former King Juan Carlos, who left Spain for the United Arab Emirates four years ago amid corruption allegations, did not attend the ceremony in Madrid.

Despite the closure of investigations by court order and lacking any legal proceedings, Juan Carlos occasionally visits Spain for health or tourism, but he does not appear alongside his son, Felipe, to uphold the Royal Family's image. -

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