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Turkish Ambassador Vows To Build Up 'Solid Friendship' During His Tenure In US

23.05.2024 11:12

Culinary tradition becomes important dimension of diplomacy, Sedat Onal says, adding Türkiye has wide gastronomy heritage.

Sedat Onal, Türkiye's newly appointed ambassador to the US, on Wednesday pledged to enhance the relations between the two countries.

"What I aim here in DC is of course, to try to build upon this solid friendship and cooperation. Solid relationship that we have been able to foster with the United States over the years," Onal told a reception to mark building a culinary bridge between US and Türkiye.

Türkiye and the US have a multi-dimensional relationship, Onal noted, and said that during his tenure, he is looking forward to working with all his counterparts in advancing the bilateral cooperation and relationship.

Turning to the cultural relations, Onal said the culinary tradition has become an important dimension of diplomacy.

"We are happy as Türkiye to have this heritage when it comes to gastronomy, cuisine, because we are lucky to have the influence of a wide geography all the way from Central Asia to the Caucasus, to Middle East, to the Balkans, to Aegean, to the Mediterranean. We have the influences of all these regions, and we have a heritage that goes back thousands of years," he added.

The ambassador stressed that Türkiye's cuisine reflects this reality in its ability to reconcile all these influences.

This week is being celebrated as Turkish gastronomy week, in which various examples of Turkish cuisine are being showcased, Onal added.

Sevtap Schreffler, the president of the American Turkish Association of Washington DC (ATA-DC), said Türkiye is a country where tradition is deeply rooted in history, culture, and hospitality.

Stressing that Turkish cuisine is "diverse and sophisticated," Schreffler said it is a reflection of the warmth and generosity of the Turkish people.

"Through the universal language of food, we bridge divides between nations and forge connections that transcend borders.

"Turkish Culinary Week provides us with an opportunity to explore and appreciate the cultural heritage of Türkiye, fostering mutual respect and appreciation between our two nations," she added.

Organized by the collaboration of the Turkish Embassy in the US and ATA-DC, the event saw the attendance of US representatives, including Virginia Foxx, the chairwoman of the House Education and Workforce Committee, Pete Sessions, Alex Mooney, and Robert Aderholt.

ATA-DC presented a plague to Foxx for her "outstanding" dedication and contribution for the strengthening of the Turkish-American community. -

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