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Turkish Cuisine Week Showcases Aegean Flavors In Hungary

25.05.2024 04:42

Turkish Cuisine Week brings rich flavors of Türkiye to global stage for 3rd time from May 21 27.

Turkish Cuisine Week, celebrated as part of the 2024 Turkish-Hungarian Culture Year, showcased the Aegean region's delicacies at two events in Hungary, that was coordinated by the Turkish Embassy.

The first event, "Aegean Flavors," took place at a hotel in Budapest. Sponsored by Turkish companies, it attracted high-level Hungarian guests, members of the diplomatic corps and figures from the cultural, artistic, sports and media sectors.

Guests were treated to dishes prepared by chef Ebru Baybara Demir, who won the Basque Culinary World Prize last year.

Since May 21, the start of Turkish Cuisine Week, is also "International Tea Day," guests were served Turkish tea at the end of the evening.

Continuing the culinary journey, the second installment of Turkish Cuisine Week saw Demir enchant guests with Aegean flavors presented in a reception at a cafe, managed by a Turkish female entrepreneur.

The gastronomic celebration underscored the shared culinary heritage between Turkish and Hungarian cuisines, highlighting similarities in dishes and cooking techniques.

The week is being organized under the auspices of the Turkish Presidency and Türkiye's first lady Emine Erdogan, and supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Turkish cuisine is one of the world's best, and Cuisine Week is marked globally every year in May with events and presentations at home and abroad.

2024 marks the third year of Turkish Cuisine Week.

Writing by Seda Sevencan -

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