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Abortion Debate Raises Tension Between Meloni, Macron At G7 Summit

15.06.2024 03:27

G7 not right platform for election campaign, Italian premier reportedly says.

Tension heightened between Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and French President Emmanuel Macron during the G7 summit in Italy because of a disagreement about abortion, according to media reports.

Italian media said Macron said abortion was not placed in the final draft of the communique as a result of a demand by Italy.

Meloni in response, accused Macron of carrying out an election campaign and maintained that there is no point in disagreeing with what already has been agreed.

"It is not right to turn the G7 into a platform for an election campaign," she said.

But Italian media argued Thursday that tension between Meloni and Macron was lowered during a dinner.

On the first day of the summit, Thursday, it was noted that there was a disagreement among G7 countries on abortion with statements to be included in the declaration on issues regarding Ukraine or the Gaza Strip, rather than abortion.

The media claimed that France and Canada were particularly pushing for a reference to guaranteeing the right to abortion access, while Italy was in favor of discussing the issue.

It was also argued that the reference was specifically requested by France and Canada, but sources from Italy pointed out that negotiations on the issue are continuing. -

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