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BBP Chairman Mustafa Destici: The minimum wage should be 21,205 TL net.

BBP Chairman Mustafa Destici: The minimum wage should be 21,205 TL net.

10.07.2024 15:41

The leader of the GP Party, Mustafa Destici, stated that "Starting from July, the minimum wage should be 21,205 TL net. Starting from July, the lowest pension should also be above 21,000 TL. It is absolutely necessary to increase the lowest pension above 21,000 TL. Without this, justice cannot be achieved, and our retirees cannot breathe."

BBP leader Mustafa Destici spoke at a press conference held at his party's headquarters. Destici stated that the minimum wage should be net 21,205 TL starting from July, and he also said that the minimum pension should be increased to over 21,000 TL.


Mustafa Destici, the leader of the Great Unity Party, a partner of the People's Alliance, reminded that the 92nd anniversary of the establishment of the Turkish Language Association will be celebrated on July 12th and said, "Language is one of the most important elements that constitute a nation. Therefore, the most important feature for the unity and continuity of the nation and the state is language unity. Of course, there are people among us who speak different languages. Kurdish is the mother tongue of a significant part of the population in this country, and Arabic is the mother tongue of millions of people living in this country. They can also speak Bosnian and Albanian. There is no problem with that. The problem arises when a state has only one language. All citizens of that state should have a common, official language. Adding a second language, regardless of which language it is, to our Turkish language is an attempt to undermine the unity of this nation and the existence of this state. Just as it has never been allowed until today, it should never be allowed in the future. Look, the door of Muş Municipality has a sign that says 'Şaredariya Müşe'. Tomorrow, those in Şanlıurfa can write in Arabic. Those in Sakarya can write in Bosnian. Those in Thrace can write in Albanian. Can such a thing be possible? Such a thing is unacceptable. It should never be allowed. Allowing this means the division of our people and the paving of the way for the division of our country."


Destici reminded that a group of representatives from his party met with the Minister of Treasury and Finance, Mehmet Şimşek, and said, "There is a need for a fair tax regulation. What needs to be done is clear. The minimum wage should be increased at least by the inflation difference as of this July, and the minimum wage should be net 21,205 TL starting from July. The announced inflation rate is like this. The minimum pension should also be at the same level. The minimum pension should not be below the minimum wage. Starting from July, the minimum pension should be over 21,000 TL. If our retirees are given a raise only according to the inflation rate, the minimum pension will be 12,500 TL. If these raises are applied to the base salary, some of our retirees will remain at 10,000 TL. This happened once in July 2023; those who received 7,500 TL stayed there. Therefore, don't do it again. This regulation will come to the parliament. Don't make this increase to the base salary again. Whatever you are going to do, do it on top of the net salary they receive. For this reason, it is necessary to increase the minimum pension to over 21,000 TL. Without this, justice will not be achieved, and our retirees will not be able to breathe. You can't breathe with 2-3 thousand liras."


Destici commented on the statements of CHP leader Özgür Özel, who said, "Turkey currently needs unity, togetherness, stability, and peace. Therefore, we are in favor of our country continuing on its path with stability as if the elections will be held on time. Of course, in democracies and countries governed by the Republican regime, the will belongs to the people. Our people decide what will happen or not. But Özgür Özel, who did not even mention early elections just 1 month ago or refrained from mentioning it, saying "election, election" today is a statement made as a result of being pressured by some media members and even his own party organizations. We know this. He used to say, 'The people, not us, decide on the election.' I think it is very valuable for democracy that he sticks to that statement."

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