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Beşiktaş'ın desired player Di Maria announced his final decision with tears.

Beşiktaş'ın desired player Di Maria announced his final decision with tears.

10.07.2024 16:00

Angel Di Maria, who is among the names Beşiktaş wants to transfer, announced that he will bid farewell to the Argentina National Team after the Copa America final and that his decision will not change. Di Maria, who experienced emotional moments and couldn't hold back his tears after reaching the final, said, "I gave my life for this jersey."

In Argentina, where they reached the final by defeating Canada 2-0 in the Copa America, star footballer Angel Di Maria will play his last match for the national team. Starting in the first 11 and giving way to Nicolas Gonzalez in the 78th minute, Di Maria made an emotional statement in an interview after the match.


Speaking to D Sports from the Argentine press, the 36-year-old footballer said in tears, "I hope to finish in the best way possible. I'm just working, doing what I have to do, and always trying to do my best. There have been times when things haven't gone well lately, but I gave my life for this jersey."


Di Maria, who stated that Messi spoke to him before the match, said, "I am grateful to everyone who has always supported me, my family, and this team that has given me everything. Today, before stepping onto the field, Leo (Messi) told me that they wanted to reach the final and that made me very proud. It is a source of pride for me to have the opportunity to achieve everything I have achieved in recent times with all of them."


Emphasizing that his decision to leave the Argentine National Team will not change, the star footballer said, "I am not ready for the last match I will play with the national team, but the time has come. I had imagined it this way and I have achieved it, I have reached another final. My teammates know that there is no turning back, that my decision is final, and they support my decision. There is only one match left and I wanted this. I could have continued, but I think the most appropriate time has come, the decision has been made. I have given everything I had to give. I will also be there to watch them in Argentina matches."

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