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Bloodshed in traffic argument in Rize: 1 dead, 1 injured.

Bloodshed in traffic argument in Rize: 1 dead, 1 injured.

22.05.2024 18:31

According to the allegations, two drivers who argued in traffic in Çayeli district of Rize, opened fire on each other. One of the drivers was injured in the incident while the other lost his life.

There was bloodshed in a traffic dispute in the Çayeli district of Rize. In the incident where two drivers shot at each other, one driver died and the other was injured.

The incident took place in the Çayeli district. Allegedly, two drivers arguing in traffic pulled out their guns and fired at each other.

One of the drivers lost his life inside his vehicle during the armed fight, while the other driver was injured. The gun of the deceased driver remained in his hand.

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